Yahoo: A Remnant of the 90s Tech Boom

Being the few standing companies left in the 90s tech boom, Yahoo is still going strong regardless. The company offers several services, including internet search, communication platforms and digital content.

Through its site,, Yahoo is able to deliver original content to users it also provides communication with the use of Yahoo Mail, it owns Flickr and Tumblr and it also offers advertising technology. The company owns a large amount of shares in the Alibaba Group.

Yahoo through the Years

Yahoo was like something out of a science fiction flick back when it first debuted to the public. An engine that allows you to search just about any information available in the superhighway we call the internet seemed futuristic at the time. Yahoo also had with it a free email service, regularly updated news feeds and instant messaging. It looked like Yahoo was about to take the world by storm.

But then along comes Google that offered the same services Yahoo had but better. Now Yahoo found itself eating Google’s dust. Though diminishing through the years, Yahoo still remains profitable with its mix of varying offerings.

Keeping its Head Afloat

It is reported that Yahoo’s revenue was greater in 2005 than in 2015, which is contrary to the company’s claim that it is a progressive and dynamic one. The company’s shares have lost one thirds of their value since 2014.

The only thing that seems to keep the interest of investors in Yahoo is its stake in the Alibaba Group worth $32 billion. Alibaba is an amazingly successful Chinese company that looks to me a mixture f eBay, Amazon and Google to a nation with 1.3 billion people.

Yahoo recently talked of selling its interest but shareholders elected to instead sell off everything else. The company’s search engine service is said to be able to bring around $7 billion to the company on the open market. This, of course, depends on whether the company will be able to find a confident buyer. They are looking at Disney, AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. as potential buyers.


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