U.S. stocks recovers, rose to more than three-week highs

US indexes

Buoyed by a decline in Treasury yields which smoothened investors’ concerns about rising interest rates and shifted their focus back on the economic growth of the United States, U.S. stocks climbed to a massive three-week high on Monday, reclaiming much of the losses it experienced earlier this month.

The United States’ three major indexes indicated a confident stance as they climbed to more than 1% on the day, the S&P 500 displayed a hawkish rally and is now 3.2% below its strongest settlement on January 26. In addition, the CBOE Volatility Index was also witnessed to be somewhat below to 15.8%, however CBOE Volatility Index hovers above levels seen before the S&P’s strongest.

This positive stance of the U.S. stocks was due to a decline in the U.S. 10-year Treasury yield, which according to the Federal Reserve declined to 2.8642% US10YT=RR, which removes the Treasury yield from a four-year high capped last week.

In accordance to this, the Federal Reserve mentioned on Friday that they expect the U.S. economic growth to remain firm and steady, as there are no serious risks that might alter the Fed’s planned pace of interest rate hikes.


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