NASDAQ index trades in positive positions, Blue chip Company, Intel takes center stage as oil stocks are in sharp decline

U.S. stock indexes

U.S. stock indexes inched up despite a heavy selling in the oil stocks due to the unexpected rise in the U.S. inventories

Oil driller were in the bull by 4.5%, which is the biggest downfall for oil futures.

The NASDAQ composite was up by 0.3% while the S&P 500 was just above its break-even levels. The Dow Jones industrial average also manage to squeeze out little gains in the session and ended the session nearly with flat.

Blue chip companies were evenly divided between gainers and losers, Intel Company which is under the Dow Jones industrial Average index, was trading in great positions with a 1.1% increase in the session but later falling back and losing half of its session gains but still retook its converged 50-day and 200-day lines.

In its report, Intel earning in Q1 was up by 22%, which was a great growth in nine quarters. In the report. Revenue was also up by 8%, which was above the three-year average of 3%. Although as a company it is doing well, its stock price in the market was only up by less than 1% so far this year.

In other news, Canadian company, Goose (GOOS) which is an apparel maker and retailed spiked with a 2% increase in the session. The company has been performing well in the past three fiscal years and has experience and increase of 44% 33% and 39% all within the year. But the company’s earnings growth has been inconsistent.


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