U.S. indices finished at record highs after being supported by Treasury yields

US stocks

Major indices in the United States finished on the green zone on Tuesday’s closing bell after being boosted by Treasury yields. The market is also currently enduring the tax reform remarks of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

The 10-year Treasury yield surged on the day and traded at 2.171 percent which adds up to its gains attained on the previous day and also touched its best level since September 1. After the surge of yields, financials also joined the trend as the Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund exchange-traded fund (XLF) was 1.1 percent higher.

The Dow Jones industrial average added more than 22,118.86 on Tuesday’s record close, with Goldman Sachs as one of its best performers. The 30-stocks index was also boosted by the 2.5 percent rise from DowDuPont. The NASDAQ composite rose as high as 0.3 percent to finish at 6,454.28, it also ended at a record high following its immediate decline. The S&P 500 advanced by 0.3 percent to notch an intraday record of 2,496.48.

Boston Private’s chief market strategist Robert Pavlik said the further damage of Tropical Storm Irma and the foreign trade threats coming from North Korea is not that bad as everyone expected, but it is inciting weaker hands out of the bond market.

The tax reform hopes of U.S. President Donald Trump, infrastructure spending and deregulation in particular, have initially supported stocks in the stateside. However his administration has been enduring many hindrances as it attempts to push its agenda.


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