The U.S. economy is might be at risk if markets continue to fall

US economy performed in 2016

The continuous downfall of global equities, especially in the United States, has resulted to a lot of losses in the financial sector and also a psychological pain. Participants from the market are anxious that corporate business and consumers might reduce their spending.

These financial imbalances are usually the reason of the stock market’s downfall and poor economic health. A good example is the Great Recession last 2007 that came from unsustainable debts. Citizens in the U.S. have not taken on almost as much debt as they did before the tragic financial crisis took place.

Regulations have trimmed the high-risk mortgage lending and several major banks have a lot of reserved money, which fed the financial crisis the following year. Earnings from companies are persistently growing and it remained that way.

However, there has been a rapid pull back on the spending of consumers. It is worth mentioning that they are the main engine of the economy in the United States. There are possibilities that this will end with many unemployed Americans and weaker economic health.

The economy might be squeezed by indications of the correction in the 30-stock index Dow Jones industrial average as it slumped more than 10 percent from its peak on the previous month. The Dow is still higher by 50 percent from its last correction in Feb 2016, following a rally on Friday’s closing bell.

A number of economists are perceiving this immense drop as an unavoidable outcome of a sharp rise of U.S. indices since then. Still, few are expecting global investors to limit their spending.


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