UK To Mandate Face Masks For Shoppers 

UK To Mandate Face Masks For Shoppers

Every shopper in England is required to wear face masks from July 24, 2020. People who fail to obey the rules would face a penalty of 100 Euros. The official announcement was made on Tuesday. The public is given an 11 days period to prepare for the new legislation.

Nations like Spain, Italy, Germany, and Scotland have already mandated face masks. The UK also seems to follow the line. Although the British administration was already advising the public to cover their faces in public spaces since May. Then the rule would encourage more people now.

The face masks are compulsory in the UK for public transports since June 15.

Reportedly, according to a survey by the Office for National Statistics, more than half of adults in the UK wear masks stepping outside their homes. However, George Eustice, Environment Secretary, on BBC Breakfast, said that the new rule would not apply to the retail staff.

The 100 Euro penalty would reduce to 50 Euros if paid within 14 days. But the people against this legislative rule argue that the mask law might trigger abuse and creates blurry steam on the glasses. It has reported to be uncomfortable for people and snatches personal freedom from people.

In the meantime, the government’s chief scientific adviser demanded a report which suggests, UK might see almost 120,000 COVID deaths in hospitals, in a reasonable scenario till winters. The numbers might get worst too.


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