UK Share Market Closes Downwards, Miners Plunge, Melrose Advances


On Thursday, the UK’s stock market ended the session at low, led by miners dragging the FTSE 100 index. The fall is due to hopes breaking from the stimulus package. The UK’s mid-cap index FTMC slipped 1.3%, blue-chip FTSE 100 plunging 1.6%, led by the miners which shed around 4%.

Meanwhile, Melrose Industries Plc, surged 12.5%, breaking the norm, as the company reported optimism in some markets, except aerospace, as the industry is drastically affected and the firm’s air venture notified 90% fall in earnings till June 2020, urging massive job cuts.

Besides, the UK has already announced trillions of dollars economic packages to lift the nation from the coronavirus crisis. However, Britain’s market refuses, still trading 22% lower than the pre-pandemic level. Though, the stimulus aided the FTSE 100 to recover from March fall but is still struggling hard.

In the United States, experts and investors are cautious about the tech stocks, which are trading at record highs, predicting the growth to be a bubble-like situation which could burst anytime.


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