UK PM Announces 3 Billion Euros For Handling Corona Crisis

UK PM Announces 3 Billion Euros For Handling Corona Crisis

British, UK PM Boris Johnson pledged extra $3.41 billion for NHS, trying to assure the tensed public that the UK prepare for the second wave of coronavirus, this winter. 

Johnson is expected to make further announcements on soon, where he’ll set out the roadmap to recovery at a press conference. In his announcements, can declare that the emergency Nightingale hospitals would keep until March 2021, and by October, the number of tests a day would reach 500,000. The prime minister is keen to encourage more people to return to the workplace instead of taking WFH (Work from Home), to boost the economic spending and get aid in recovering the nation, financially, and might also ease the social distancing restrictions.

Earlier, the health and social care secretary of the UK made face masks mandatory for shoppers, effective from 24th July. The British government is also trying to prepare for a marketing campaign to make people aware of the availability of the corona tests, and encourage them to take part. 

However, Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK’ government’s chief scientific adviser, doesn’t seem to be agreeing with the decision of UK PM. He argued that as soon as the employees can work from home with full productivity and no determinant, there’s no need to go to any workplace.

Earlier this week, Sir Patrick Vallance had reported that there was a chance of more than 1.2 lakh more deaths in the UK.


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