Twitter Accounts of Musk, Obama Hacked

Twitter Accounts of Musk, Obama Hacked

On Wednesday, Twitter accounts of many top celebrities, politicians, tech giants, and several companies hacked. The fake scheme targeted many verified users including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, former US president Barack Obama, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates, rapper Kanye West, his wife and TV star Kim Kardashian, Billionaire Warren Buffet, Apple’s official account, Uber support account, Mike Bloomberg, former US president Joe Biden, and many more.

All fake tweets from these accounts of the same king who asked people to transfer $1,000. They also promised to give back $2,000 in return on a particular Bitcoin address.

The users whose twitter accounts were hacked were not targeted. Rather, the followers of these moguls were the target. The tweets immediately removed from the social media platform’s support team and locked the accounts of all of them for any further possible posting.


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