Trading Platforms: An Online Trader’s Best Friend

Trading platforms

A trading platform is software that users can operate in order to place orders on financial products that includes stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities. These are often given to traders by their brokers for free or with a fee. These software allow users to trade just about anywhere which is a good alternative to the traditional floor trading which uses open outcry and telephone based trading.

Likewise, the camaraderie of platforms and brokers go and serve traders hand in hand. Also, they have a significant duty to transit in the economy. Hence, selecting both entities deserves the investment of time, patience, and in-depth research because they stay for a lifetime.

So, for relevant and targeted results and outcomes of investments, market players should make judgments over the selection of platforms and brokers wisely. Here are some top brokers in the financial market, making use of the finest platforms. Besides, know about the requirement and application in different circumstances.

Day trading platforms

Such types of platforms get referred to or enveloped into stock trading. Here, the transmission of buying and selling of varied or similar shares of different amounts take place on the same day. Also called Intraday, the day trading market sky-rocketed in the early 90s.

After the induction of dot com or the acquisition of the internet’s financial market, things changed drastically. Regulation, transparency, and security stepped in, and trading became easier.

For day trading, an individual needs to choose a day trading platform that packs features that suit transactions for stock and is quick. A low-cost trade and sporting rich feature are the best ingredients possessed by a prolific and desirable platform for intraday trading. Interestingly, for better options of tools, some market players are willing to pay more.

Different types of trading platforms

In today’s competitive market, there are plenty of platforms for the sequester and peculiar kinds of trades and transactions. However, they all serve the same purpose of realising and drawing a good return from invested funds.

Some trusted, and relevant platforms include Ninja Trader, Trade Station, cTrader, MetaTrader4, ZuluTrade, Trade Station, and many others. These are the fuel to channelise the momentum and keep the factor of profits emanating from various instruments like indices, stocks, and others.

Zulu Trade

In simple words, it is an online and social trading platform that offers services to new generations who think unconventionally. It works on a peer to peer network basis. For traders who need an automated version of transacting their assets and instruments, the platform is like a home run for them.

Investors and traders get on to the platform with the motive of making greater gains and establish an identity in the market. Traders pull commissions from brokers for their specific transaction using ZuluTrade.

Through ZuluTrade, over a hundred thousand traders can be copied using it currently.

How does ZuluTrade work?

The operations of buying and selling on ZuluTrade happen via an automated process: expert agents or simply robots. To oversimplify them, they are programming language generated algorithms. The platform is a social network for people willingly trading in the forex market. It helps in the demand and supply game of trading by introducing and exposing several traders and takers to the market.

Copy and mirror trading is one of the strengths that ZuluTrade pulls off like a pro. For traders who are not willing to invest for twenty-four hours a day, then the platform deems fit to their necessities. Such market players can copy the signal of published robots and use them to their advantage.

ZuluTrader picks up signals from an array of traders and checks which trader follows what before replicating and forwarding to brokers.

Trading Station

It is a platform that is a flagship proprietary of a private broker. The testimony of the broker’s growth to an extent can be attributed to the platform. It is highly combustible and a reason for the broker to reap the rewards. Some brokers are continuing their fancies for twenty-one years now.

The platform is sustaining through feedback from clients. People can find features like charting, trade automation, and order entry. The last decade has elevated the perception of traders who took a bet on the platform and put their faith in it. The technological prowess is cutting edge on the trading station.

Several fund managers are also opting for it due to the evolved technology and speed of execution it endows to traders. Also, the reliability quotient is quite higher in it.

Best features on Trading Station

  • Advanced Charting
  • Unique Market Access
  • Automated Trading Strategies
  • Superior Accessibility

Downloading Trading Station

Downloading Trading Station is a simple task. One can do it by the following steps:

  • Click on the Station Trading link and initiate the first step of download.
  • Tick on the licensing agreement. However, please read them carefully before taking a plunge.
  •  Provide appropriate installation options to it.
  •  Click on finish and enjoy trading on it.

Ninja Trader

The platform specialises in developing custom systems for benefitting traders. It offers access to equity markets. Ninja Trader holds the proprietary ship over programming language that helps in customing and developing things. The provision aids in the betterment of the trading environment. A standardised Strategy Builder is one of its crucial parts.

Interestingly, it is among the oldest platforms that are in demand and going strong with industry biggies needing it.

Features packed by Ninja Trader

  • Delivers advanced charting, which accentuates the ability to trade through charts. It is helpful in visualisation.
  • For analysing, it offers volumetric bars, order flow, and confirms the exact direction of the market’s movement through the market depth.
  • It enables traders to monitor and check hundreds of markets in real-time. One can strategise and plan things tick by tick based on predefined conditions of scan and ranking.
  • Ninja Trader platform comes up with advanced alerting capabilities, which trigger several notifications regarding the market’s movement, orders based on analysis, and social media sharing.
  • There is access to the option chain here. Traders can quickly manage expirations and make quotes, and hit on prices.
  • Market players can trade one of the world’s largest financial markets and dominate its move with excellent information.
  • People can personalise it with indicators and customise tools.
  • The platform is available with a wide range of brokers.
  • The option of thousands of the third party add ons is available here.
  • It sports help guides and supports forums.


The platform comes with a backing of years of experience in fulfilling customers’ expectations and different traders globally. For analysing the financial market, there is no better place or option than MT4. The facility of expert advisors set it apart from the rest of the platforms available on the market.

The integral parts of MT4 are markets and trading signals. They enhance the experience of trading, especially when someone is dealing in foreign exchange currency. It is a popular platform because it provides a solution to all skill types at a single destination. Hence, traders have ample exemplary options and opportunities to choose from and grow simultaneously in the financial market.

Some features incorporated by MT4 are:-

  • It offers algorithmic trading
  • There is a mobile trading option that enables traders to trade from the remotest of places.
  • One gets an advanced technical analysis to get through the dearth and nerve of the market.
  • The trading system is flexible and reliable for market players.
  • The platform believes in evolving and producing great results.
  • Markets and signals act as the top frontiers for MT4 and extend unique and spectacular services.

Additional features by MetaTrader4

  • Mobile Trading technology has brought trading closer to people’s lives. MT4 is betting on the same prospect, and the platform has successfully delivered on the expectations of its clients. Traders can download an app and track their foreign exchange deals and other assets in the portfolio while on the move on tablets or smartphones.
  • Automation saves time and provides accuracy in trading by peculiarly analysing the market based on robotic expertise. The advice the technology offers is precise and hits the bull’s eye for profit booking.
  • It allows any browser or operating system to cut into any financial market of choice.
  • People can elevate or raise their level of trading by bringing on rent some of the indicators and technical tools here. Also, trading robots are available.
  • Trades and ideas can be copied by subscribing.
  • Get in touch with the community of traders and experience the benefit of communicating with market experts and learn nuances about various instruments and trading in them.

New traders can use and see the services offered by MT4 by using a demo account on any brokerage website. It will assist a trader with the insights and qualities of the platform. The functionalities are the same. Hence, there is nothing better than getting a first-hand experience before selecting it. However, it surely would impress trading enthusiast in making up their mind.

MetaTrader4 is available on Android and iOS for downloading. The process of download is similar to other platforms.


If financial markets are symphonies, then MetaTrader5 is Beethoven, and it is that relevant. It is a platform that is synonymous with excellence, swift working, and qualities. If to say that MT5 is an advanced version of MT4 won’t be an exaggeration. There is an enormous improvement, and it is way ahead in offering extraordinary qualities in the nick of time.

The design of the platform suits the needs of customers in a premium way like no other.

Features of MetaTrader5

It is not just a user friendly platform but a broker friendly too. It secures the bonding between brokers and traders by exposing them to an environment conducive to trading. The transactions are comfortable, and bidding gets simpler when one uses MT5.

  • It allows freedom to meander freely from one market to another briskly.
  • People can actively trade on it using tablets and smartphone devices.
  • Market players can utilise any web browser for accessing the MT5 from any location hassle-free.
  • In the foreign exchange markets, users can conveniently choose any option, method, and tool for drawing better performance and financial gains.
  • It offers non-stop 24-hour day trade.
  • The interface is powered by virtual hosting service, freelance database strategy, trading robots markets, and other exquisite features.

Acquisition of trading robot for MT5

A trader does not need to be a programmer for acquiring a trading robot for the better functioning of MT5. The platform provides a free opportunity to download and utilise it instantly. Also, one can rent it or purchase thousands of other such applications that enhance trading.

Besides, traders have an option to order these robots from professional programmers, custom made for them. However, the market player can even test the product before going for the purchase finally. One just has to make a slight payment and check it. On non-use, it will get refunded.

Interestingly, there are more than two thousand trading robots and indicators at the disposal of MetaTrader5, which no other platform has in today’s date.

Security on MT5

When it comes to security, everyone holds high regard for the platform. It gets regulated by service rules. Buyers and sellers can receive security by providing some necessary details and enjoy a safe trading environment.

Some terrific features by MT5

  • Web Trading
  • Freelance Service
  • Virtual hosting
  • Mobile Trading
  • Request Hedge Funds Services
  • Increases profits by reducing costs
  • One can amalgamate different trading systems into one
  • Fund management gets simplified
  • Get done with technical and fundamental analysis easily
  • Availability of free training and installation
  • Access to consultation and documentation
  • Update is automatic
  • Technical support is available.
  • Useful articles, materials, and Frequently asked questions.


WebTrader is a web-based trading platform which allows users to trade online from a web browser virtually anywhere in the world. It supports just about any computer that has an internet connection available. Users do not have to download and install anything on their computers to use this platform.

VT Trader

Being the flagship product of Visual Trading Systems, VT Trader provides useful tools, customization and technical analysis traders are looking for. It comes in a good-looking, user-friendly interface which makes it an ideal platform for both new and experienced traders.

Conclusion:  For tapping in a humongous amount of features posed by some great platforms like ZuluTrade, Ninja Trader, trading Station, MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, and others, traders should register on prime brokers. Here are a few options:- Brokereo, 2invest, 101investing, HFTrading, Tradedwell, ROinvesting, ETFinance, TradeATF, Oinvest, Investlite,, and IGMFX.

The combination of best brokers and platforms can cast a spell of massive returns with small investments. There are multiple indicators, premium analytical tools, availability of charts, trading, security, and updates that elevate benefits from an array of financial markets, including indices, commodities, forex, cryptocurrencies, and stocks.


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