A trading glitch sets Apple, Amazon and Microsoft Stock Prices to take a plunge


Traders’ screens were briefly filled with incorrect stock-market data early in Tuesday's session, the mishap, apparently showed enormous movement in NASDAQ-listed share prices which is some of the world’s biggest companies, including tech giant like Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Amazon.com Inc.

The data glitch on the stock prices appeared on several platforms including Yahoo Finance, Google Finance and on Bloomberg terminals between 6am and 7am.

As a result of the glitch, several stocks briefly showed the stock price to be at $123.47 which is equivalent to a 14% drop in Apple’s shares, a whopping 87% drop for Amazon and a 70% surge Microsoft.

Nasdaq Spokesman, Joe Christina, said that no actual trades were affected by the glitch. Both normal trading and after-markets trading, when investors can continue to trade via the exchange for a further four hours, had ended for the day on NASDAQ by the time the wrong data appeared.

The Stock market were only open for only a half-day session on Monday and was closed on Tuesday in observance of the Independence Day.

By the end of the system glitch a message posted NASDAQ’s website stated “systems are operating normally” However, not all stock quotes appeared to be accurate. Shares in Nasdaq-Listed biotech giant Amgen Inc. were still being incorrectly shown down by 28% at $123.45 on Google Finance while the Stock actually closed the session at $172.80


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