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TradeATF Review 2021: Global TradeATF is a new player in the trading segment. The broker follows advanced technologies and offers decent trading conditions for everyone who opens one of the accounts and trades this platform. Global TradeATF is a favourable environment for building a trader’s career.

TradeATF Review: Summery

Global TradeATF is a financial services provider that offers its services in an online format. The company is owned by Bayline Trading Limited, which is regulated by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize (IFSC).

Even though Trade ATF is a fairly young financial services provider, it already serves thousands of traders from around the world. Global TradeATF’s goal is to provide high-quality access to a wide range of various financial instruments, the best platforms, and comprehensive trading education that will maximize the potential of everyone.

Trading offers and conditions

Assets Knowledge In TradeATF Broker

Global TradeATF offers and services are already the subjects of interest of many traders all around the world. The successful transactions of our clients, our professionalism, and the provision of a wide range of trading assets influenced the growth rate of this company, increased recognition, and helped to gain an excellent reputation for the novice financial services provider.

Global TradeATF has officially several hundred underlying assets of all categories. Since Global TradeATF is a financial services provider specializing in complex financial derivative, its clients can trade all the assets using this method. Here at Global TradeATF, the broker offers over 250 different complex financial derivative products that you can trade. Such a large number suggests that, without a doubt, all the traders find exactly the option of trading that suits them the most and which they prefer.

The powerful trading options of the MetaTrader 4 platform, with which Global TradeATF works, significantly help the customers conclude good deals. The technical characteristics of the platform have made it a market leader and for over a decade it has been the number one choice among active traders. For this reason, determining the option of a trading platform for the customers, which the broker has opted for MetaTrader 4.

Global TradeATF does not charge a transaction fee or any other additional or hidden commissions. Besides, Global TradeATF clients are trading with competitive spreads, the high margin on trading, and stable trading conditions, which is very important and demonstrates the broker’s serious approach to financial activities.

Safety of clients’ funds and data

Information security on the Internet is one of the most serious topics in the broker’s work, to which Global TradeATF has devoted special attention when developing our working principles. The company protects its sites from information leakage and unauthorized access, as the company uses SSL encryption. The SSL protocol guarantees a secure connection between the user’s browser and the server.

The broker’s payment methods are reliable and are accompanied by high-security measures. The platform that we provide for the clients, MetaTrader 4, provides the correct information, which is very important when concluding transactions.

On top of that, the Global TradeATf customer support team works smoothly and provides quick assistance in case of any questions.

And of course, the most important point in the financial activities of Global TradeATF is a license and license number 000188/91. Its presence means that Global TradeATF is automatically under regulatory supervision. Therefore, the customers have no reason to worry about the security of their data and funds.

Trading costs, deposits, and withdrawals

Global TradeATF used many years of experience, expert knowledge, and puts a lot of effort so that the clients could enjoy just such a trade that would bring them pleasure and positive results.

The broker’s clients trade currency pairs, stocks, indices, and commodities with no time or place restrictions. Global TradeATF wide range of trading instruments is a great opportunity for traders to choose any trading asset that they prefer.

As for the financial aspect of the trading process, then there are some peculiarities and conditions.

First of all, it is important to note that Global TradeATF does not impose any commissions and additional fees for making a deposit or withdrawing funds, entering into transactions, etc.

The minimum deposit amount of Global TradeATF to start trading is 100 pounds/ US dollars/euros. Those who already have experience trading with financial service providers will notice that this is a fairly low amount to start. However, this shows the accessibility of the platform and openness to everyone who wants to build a trading career with Global TradeATF.

An important part of the trading process with Global TradeATF is the withdrawal of funds, which are the results of the transactions of the customers. Withdrawal requests are processed as quickly as possible: within one day.

In order to withdraw funds from the account, Global TradeATF clients must have enough funds, as well as a free margin. This is done so that the trader has funds left in the account to open new positions. As for the withdrawal and verification procedure, the broker must first make sure that the name on the client’s trading account and the name on the account they withdraw are the same. This is a prerequisite so that their funds do not fall into the wrong hands.

Global TradeATF has not determined the minimum amount required for withdrawal. However, there is one caveat: not to cash out too small amounts of money if the client does not have significant trading activity.

Global TradeATF Review:  Account Types

Get Your Investment Goals In TradeATF Broker

Since Global TradeATF positions itself as a financial services provider for traders with various backgrounds and skills, account types have been developed specifically for these purposes. After all, Global TradeATF Company strives to make trading accessible and popularize it by showing potential traders that there are no restrictions in the world of trading. Therefore, at Global TradeATF, all clients find the option of a trading account convenient for them, thereby defining further trading conditions.

At Global TradeATF you can open one of three main types of accounts: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. This is the broker’s standard package, and below more detail is described in the features of each type of account.

Silver is the basic type of account. This tier of account is intended mainly for customers who do not have experience in trading or those who want to trade moderately, like a beginner. A special feature of the Silver Account is a minimum spread of 0.07 and up to 1: 30 margin on trading.

Gold Account is created for those who want to move to the next stage. The minimum spread under the terms of this type of account is 0.05. As for the margin that the client receives, its maximum value is up to 1: 500. Also, the trader can get a discount on the swap in the amount of 25%.

A platinum account is the choice of those who are already professionals in the field of trading. Customers with this type of account trade with lower spreads compared to previous types of accounts, which is 0.03. The maximum margin also reaches 1: 500. One of the features of the Platinum account is a large discount on swaps, which is up to 50%.

Choose the one that suits you best and then click here to Open Account with Global Trade ATF.

It is important to note that all three types of Global TradeATF accounts have an Islamic version, the terms of which do not contradict the Sharia principles. The Islamic type of account is swap-free, and this is its main feature.

As can be seen from the above, all accounts have some similarities and differences. However, another difference between the types of accounts is the minimum deposit amount, as it varies depending on the selected account. For each type of account, some certain features and privileges are suitable for different types of transactions, and traders with different trading experience.

Global TradeATF also offers its clients a demo account option. This is a free feature that allows the clients to trade virtual funds and not lose anything while getting used to the trading process. Traders do not need to deposit real money or open real positions. A training account is similar to a real account, as it uses the same charts, market indicators, and tools.

Thanks to the testing of trading from a demo account, thousands of traders were convinced of their decision to trade on this platform and continued to build their careers in trading with TradeATF.

TradeATF Review: Trading platform

A correctly selected trading platform is one of the foundations of a well-organized trading process. When choosing a financial services provider, it is important to pay particular attention to the trading platform that it offers.

Global TradeATF offers the most popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform today, which is widely used in this area and recognized as the best.

In terms of platform features, MT4 offers users three different types of charts. Also, MT4’s versatility is a plus because our customers can trade about two hundred instruments on one platform. MT4 has a user-friendly interface with easy-to-understand features.

In addition to the traditional platform variant, the software that is installed on the PC, two more options are available: WebTrader and Mobile application.

WebTrader has the same functions as the MetaTrader 4 software and represents its online version, which does not need to be installed on a PC, as it is accessible through any Internet browser. Anyway, the MT4 desktop terminal is a much more advanced platform than its browser counterpart and has a convenient interface, which is simple to get used to.

Global TradeATF also offers customers a Mobile application for the Android and IOS operating systems. Open Account with the broker to experience the amazing platform yourself.

In general, the MT4 trading platform works flawlessly, provides correct information in a split second, and has several tools that our customers use to make their trading forecasts.

TradeATF Review: Customer support

A key factor in Global TradeATF development and improving the quality of the services is customer feedback. The broker listens to each of its clients, draws conclusions, and makes useful and necessary improvements.

Global TradeATF traders have several options to contact the broker’s personnel. Communication formats include a call (on the broker website there is a list of numbers for communication), online chat support, and the ability to send an e-mail or leave a request on the site by filling out the necessary short form.

In the case of special questions, traders have a chance to contact TradeATF management. This feature is available through the contact form that traders fill out on our website, or by email.

Global TradeATF customer support can be described as professional and attentive. Support agents are trading experts who are ready to provide excellent service and an individual approach for each client.

TradeATF Review: Educational content

Get Trading Knowledge In TradeATF Broker

Global TradeATF has invested quite a lot in the education that the traders receive. Among educational materials on the site, there are educational videos, e-books, tutorials, and even courses that the clients take to gain more knowledge in the field of trading.

Global educational videos are numerous and sorted into categories, making them easy to understand and learn. Also, in addition to the standard economic calendar, the customers have access to the reporting season calendar.

Global TradeATF’s training content is relevant educational resources that have been painstakingly created by the broker’s expert team. The clients are eager to watch comprehensive training seminars, read current articles and news. All TradeATF resources are adapted for all skill levels of traders so that each client can supplement their experience and feel more confident in the process of concluding transactions.


Global TradeATF is an online financial services provider that mainly specializes in complex financial derivatives for the currency pairs and stock markets. By choosing TradeATF, clients subscribe to the best trading conditions. With this service, traders expand their investment portfolio by trading complex financial derivatives on more than 250 assets.

Global customers’ trading process is not burdened with fees or commissions. The traders have a constant opportunity to contact support agents, have access to news alerts, and have the ability to create a functional training account. As for the trading process itself and the conditions, clients receive competitive spreads, margin up to 1: 500, and execution speed at 0.04 sec, which is attractive indicators in the segment.

Every aspect of Global TradeATF work is structured so that its customers gain positive trading experience. To achieve this, the broker selected proven products, the best platform, and assembled a team of experts for customer support. TradeATF accepts only proven payment methods and provides a complete set of security measures for storing funds and information of customers.

In addition to everything, TradeATF differentiated trading accounts so that all traders had the opportunity to choose the trading conditions suitable for them. Caring for customers and the idea of accessibility for a wide range of people wishing to trade pushed us to create an Islamic version that applies to all three standard types of accounts. Open Account with Global Trade ATF now in 3 easy steps.

To sum up, Global TradeATF is a great start for those who want to build a professional trading career.


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