Tesla topped analysts’ expectations, beats revenue, earnings

Tesla topped analysts’ expectations, beats revenue, earnings

On Wednesday, the US carmaker, Tesla, posted its quarter three financial reports that beat the experts’ prediction. The electric vehicle manufacturer reported earnings per share and revenue of $0.76 and $8.77 billion as compared to the experts’ forecast of $8.26B revenue and $0.55 EPS.

Tesla is already trading 405% up since the start of the year and is beating the NASDAQ 100, which rose 33.58%. The US EV automaker’s stock price is down from its 52 weeks high, trading high at $426.99.

The California based company follows other significant organisations like Nike, which on September 22, posted revenue of $10.59 billion and EPS of $.0.95 in comparison with the forecast of $9.13 billion revenue and $0.47 EPS.

Meanwhile, Ferrari NV falls short of experts’ predictions when it posted revenue of $670.24 million as compared to predicted $670.08 million and $0.05 EPS in comparison to forecasted $0.06 earnings per share.

Tesla stock prices rose 1.03% in aftermarkets trade hour.


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