Tesla allegedly miscounted worker injury data to make its safety report appear better

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Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has purposefully miscounted and mislabeled workers’ injuries report to make its safety report appear better that it was, based on new data from a recent investigative report by RevealNews.org.

According to the report, company officials have intentionally labeled muscle strains, toxic exposures and repetitive stress injuries as minor accidents which only requires first aid or personal medical issues.

Anonymous sources have told Reveal that these safety compromises were done under the plan to appease CEO Elon Musk’s aesthetic taste at Tesla’s Fremont factory.

As Musk is not fond of the color yellow, the factory floor is clearly not marked with pedestrian lanes. The floors are instead painted with different shades of gray. The factory at Fremont employs thousands of workers where they manufacture the Model S, Model X, and Model 3 units.

Tesla is currently under fire to speed up its production and delivery of its Model 3 electric vehicle. The electric auto manufacturer contended all of Reveal’s findings in their report.

Gaby Toledano, Tesla’s Chief People Officer and the Vice President for the Environment, Health and Safety, Laurie Shelby, agreed to give Reveal an interview opportunity wherein the Tesla officials stated that any safety problems that happened from the past within the company are now resolved through process improvements and employee training programs.

Reporters Alyssa Jeong and Will Evans spent months investigating and evaluating safety, injury and health records as a part of the ongoing investigation. They also looked into workers’ compensation, fire and 911 calls records.


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