The Economic Potential in Space Tourism

Space Tourism

The Possibility of Touring in Outer Space

Outer space can now be a tourist spot?  This may sound like an impossible feat but with all the technological advancements that we have now who’s to say it’s impossible. To point out an important fact, space travel is not impossible, we’ve sent countless people into space and we’ve been continuing to do so in the past few decades.

Another fact is that it is not very difficult to travel into space, since basic features of modern life like communication, colored TV, Internet Connection and other necessities in life like food, water, clothing and medicine. These are just some examples why the potential growth in commercial Outer space travel services can be limitless.

The Development of World Economics

The fundamental misconception by economists about the future role of commercial space travel is essential because of the relation to the present condition of the global economy in order to further understand this, it is required to first understand the basic pattern of business development all around the world.

Deflation and Space Economics

The cost of outer space travel is steep and wasteful from an economic point of view. But space tourism will also make a potentially critical contribution in overcoming the pressures of deflation in the world that is caused by the over-supply in traditional industries and the slow development of new industries.

If companies are granted access in space, this will create opportunities for diversification which will ease the tension between companies, and pressure on companies to encourage wasteful practices like persuading consumer to consume more than what is necessary.

The development of space tourism will benefit people socially. This will help in break down the tension that many people feel about the future due to projections of the limited resources of earth.


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