Skyworks report better than expected Q4 revenue, earnings

Skyworks Earnings, Revenue beat in Q4

On Monday, the California based firm, Skyworks Solutions, posted its quarter-four earnings and revenue that beat experts forecast. The firm reported EPS of $1.85 and a revenue of $956.8 million as compared to predicted $841.61 million and $1.52 earnings per share.

Skyworks, the leading semiconductor company, walk on the footsteps of other technology organisations. Apple, on 29th October, posted EPS of $0.73 as compared to predicted $0.71 and revenue of $64.7 billion in comparison to anticipated $63.8 billion.

Skyworks stock price has risen 17.71% since the start of 2020 and is outperforming the US index, the S&P 500, which is only 2.44% high. The firm is trading at $142.29, down from its 52-week high point.


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