Will Silver Shine in 2017?

Silver prediction 2017

2017 has come and the world is still charged with adrenaline with how the election has turned out. Everyone has their own skepticism towards Trump’s first year as president, same goes for the financial markets. Gold was left behind in terms of precious metal trade. With that, attention was diverted to the next best thing, Silver, which has become the investment of the year.

The Performance of Silver in the past year

Gold and Silver have both stepped up its game in 2-17, and is expected to form new mid-term highs. The Sterling has gotten back more than 70% of its first impulse move, which is a good sign for the precious white metal but, the next appreciation is not to be expected until wave 3 to develop.

The US Dollar Index

Gold and Silver reached new bearish terms in last year’s trade, but most analysts turned on these two precious metals. But after the U.S. elections, there was a turnout and have signaled traders that there might be trouble ahead, this happened when the U.S. Dollar Index went into bullish positions. If the U.S. dollar continue to this path, the numbers for precious metals futures will not be good for bullish traders.

Supply and Demand for Silver

Since 2007, the Silver Institute report that the total global demand had been exceeding supply by an average of more than 12%.

The cost for mining silver has been declining since 2012, as this may be good news for miners, because it will encourage them to boost the supply for the precious metal, but increasing the supply of the precious metal will drive the price of silver lower in 2017.  The World Silver mine production has been in a constant up trend for the last 10 years.


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