Shopify shares jump as e-commerce firm inked partnership deal with Amazon

Shopify Company Shares

It takes two to tango.

Shopify shares finished in the green zone on Thursday as it jumped after the company announced that the much-anticipated integration with Amazon has been finally completed as part of the partnership coup done by the e-commerce firm to expand its network of customers.

Force to Reckon With

Shopify shares advanced 8% on Thursday session right after the company’s formal announcement of the completion of platform integration that will connect the dealers of the e-commerce firm to the leading possible customers of the online retailer, Amazon.

There was an initial announcement of the integration last September 2016 and a partial availability of the platform in December but the closing of major sales partnership with will be effective on January 10, Tuesday.

After a strong partnership with Facebook in the past, Shopify has turned itself into a force to reckon with as it is now tapping another huge user base, this time with the Amazon. With this partnership coup, Shopify merchants could have an access of a bigger playing field as they can reach out to the millions of customers of the online retailer through managing their product catalog for various channels, which include the

Shopify shares have been outperforming major rivals such as Zacks and Magento  over the last 12 months as it registered a stock return of 93.3%, prompted by the rapid market share growth of the company, and is now expected to generate ante positive return as huge opportunity from the partnership put the firm in good stead.


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