Shares of After Pay Tumble After Entry of PayPal


Concerned by the arrival of PayPal stocks of Australia’s Afterpay Ltd and other rivals plummeted for the second day in a row on Wednesday.

The investors of existing buy-now-pay-later stocks felt threatened with the entry of the US-based company PayPal, and they began to re-price them. AfterPay went into reds by 12.4 per cent before mending up the losses. In the past two trending sessions, the company lost around $1.9 billion of its holdings in the market value post the statement by PayPal that it would offer small and short term loans to the US customers.

Before paring their losses, rivals Sezzle Inc shares dropped by 15.5 per cent, while Zip Co Ltd lost 17.7% of its total price values of stocks.

Interestingly, since March 2020, the shares of Afterpay catapulted to 900 per cent jump, that put it among the list of the 20 best largest listed firms in Australia. Notably, the company didn’t churn a profit even then.


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