ROInvesting Review 2021 | What is Special about the Broker?

ROinvesting Review 2020

ROinvesting Review 2021: ROinvesting is one of the commercially viable platforms for realizing trading goals. It is a team of professional financial services suppliers and has created a special platform where traders can perform transactions sitting at the PC. The broker embodied this idea successfully. ROinvesting platform became one of the esteemed, gained awards and trust of the traders worldwide. It happened because it is a licensed firm, which places a premium on the clients.

Multitask Capability of the Platform

ROinvesting company presents the platform, where traders can perform the web-financing activity. The platform itself has a neat interface. It is powerful, so you can open the positions, monitor the market, make fundamental or technical analysis all in one breath. The tools are handy and in a wide choice to use.

The broker is ready to assist

The broker and the trader supplement each other. They are the partner on the market. The broker gives access to international exchanges, gives financial instruments, and the trader became the user of the platform, that the broker provides. The broker services as mediator between trader and exchange. The trader comes as the client of the brokerage firm. So, ROinvesting company provides operating personnel with loyal managers, which are easy to reach due to the form on the site. The broker’s customer support service is also obtainable through phone numbers, live chat support, and a contact form.

Self-sufficiency and partnership

When you join this platform and become ROinvesting client, still you are the boss. It does not interlope into the traders’ actions. The broker only engages in giving opportunities for traders to reach their goals. When you sign the site up, you are the only person who controls your deposit, your account, and your decisions. The company provides absolute freedom in choosing what tool to use and what decision to make.

ROinvesting is a well-regarded company to co-operate

This company is pleased to be carrying on cooperation with AC Milan. AC Milan players are always about getting the upper hand. It requires devotion, hard work, dedication, and aspiration. The traders are the same in opening up new vistas. This cooperation signalizes the reliability of two companies that share the respect of mass.

Do not forget about nuances

ROinvesting helps you gladly in experiencing trading on the platform. However, there are many factors, which could affect your work. The following nuances are not dependent on our company.

  • You must choose an investment instrument, which you are going to trade on.
  • You decide what trading style you practice. There are three of them: scalping, day trading, and swing.
  • You work trading strategies out by yourself. ROinvesting offers you tools and space, where you apply it. It offers you tools and space, where you apply it. However, the platform includes ready-to-use strategies, which you can take as well.
  • Update the information you are already learned. Trading is the area of having information, which is useful for productive work. ROinvesting site has a whole large education section with articles, VOD, webinars, and so on.

Open Account now with ROinvesting to take the benefits. Indices market, for instance, is affected by the economic event and political decisions and other huge news. Trading falls under exogenous factors like news, statements, bills, but you can take it into your advantage.

An Extensive Set of Instruments

All the exchanges are at your disposal when you started trading on our platform. After opening an account, you detect a large selection of assets. ROinvesting provides complex financial derivative trading on currency pairs, metals, commodities, indices, and shares. You also find the information on how to apply these assets and open deals and create your own portfolio on this platform.

Decision on Currency ROinvesting

The brokerage company offers currency trading sector of the market. It is a very popular way to operate in exchange. ROinvesting provides a free and favourable zone to exchange currency pairs. Its site allows choosing any of the hundreds of worldwide currencies. It is the largest market, and we fill it up with advanced tools. The broker also provides a handy feature, which is called cross-trading. You can use any device like PC, tablet, even your smartphone –to trade currencies. Your accounts on the device would be synchronized and trading tools are kept the same.

ROinvesting platform contains access to indices market. It offers the traders to reach the goals by the mean of complex financial derivative trading on the most popular indices in the world. The broker prepared for you Nasdaq, Nikkei, FTSE 100, BIST100, Euro Stox 50, and many others. You can try to invest in indices using great tools on the site. ROinvesting gives you the margin up to 125:1 and pips starting from 0.03. 30-share index or 5,000-share index, sector index, or geographic index. Complex financial derivatives trading on indices opens up the ability to capitalize on blue-chip stock, the shares of market-leading companies.

Discover the stock trading segment on the site of this broker. It lets you trade complex financial derivatives on stocks of the world’s most famous enterprises such as Nike, Apple, Facebook, JP Morgan, British Petroleum. Complex financial derivatives trading on stocks is a chance to take advantage of the greatest firms’ updates. You exercise control over all activity on your account: choose the company, the time to open a position, and the time to close it.

ROinvesting prepared more than 20 commodities to choose from and trade. It is a wide variety of commodities. You select and trade it at any convenient time to you. You will find gold, silver, gas, oil, sugar and all that kind. The broker’s managers are ready to assist for 5 workdays, from 7 am till 17 pm. ROInvesting is available to use on the other device. You get the opportunity to install the platform on smartphones and trade commodities that way.

The company is interested in the well-doing of its clients. For this reason, the broker disabled all commissions. When you trade currencies or commodities, there are no fees for you, only productivity.

The selection of the assets on our site is plentiful. That is why ROinvesting has to offer to try the most technical outstanding tool. The platform is installed by the encoding system that ensures the safety of all clients’ transactions. The developers made software to protect all data systems.

All Instruments for you

ROinvesting site contains several modes of platforms to trade. Its developers expended a lot of time in doing an advanced platform, where you could apply your trading skills. The modern era demands fresh-faced ways and tools to perform trading. The broker prepared these tools and equipped the site fully. One can Open Account with ROinvesting and trade assets.

ROinvesting Trading Platform

ROInvesting Review: WebTrader 

Here is the WebTrader mode of ROinvesting platform. It is a superlative online platform, that takes you on the markets directly from the browser. The company gives you the opportunity to make the analysis of financial markets and diversify your investment portfolio for efficient trading. It takes a few clicks for you to get the market and open a transaction with WebTrader. The web mode of the platform is a popular trading way among traders. They use it often because it is simple for online treading. Even though WebTrader is an ordinary-looking platform, it is very strong to conduct the transactions. This platform operates based on an engine for trading with top capability that simplifies the handling of the strategies, send trading orders, and execute any task the investor wants to.

MetaTrader 4

ROinvesting designers worked hard to fit the investors up with MetaTrader 4. This is a breakthrough form of trading space. MT4 is an ultramodern platform, which enjoys popularity among millions of traders from all over the world. It stocks up you of the most effective performing of trading orders. The broker provides you with free installing of this platform, and then you get many opportunities to archive your ambitions. You get price dynamics in detail, opening and closing deals on any asset, setting stops and entry limits, performing technical analysis, and many other privileges.

Mobile app

ROinvesting tried to create a super favourable space for your productivity. The broker concerns that you care nothing about but realizing your ambitions. Since the market is a volatile place, where you cannot let you miss anything, the creators glad to announce that ROinvesting is in a mobile version. The company’s team developed a free installing app, where all platforms are obtainable on your phone. Imagine, you carry the market in your pocket and can gain any time you think it is right. Your find out something just take your smartphone, open an app, and carry out a deal.

ROinvesting is agreeable for any wallet

Set a goal to strive to succeed, and do not worry about starting capital. Accordingly, ROinvesting offers affordable minimal deposit at a sum of 250$. It provides three types of trading account. You can make a deposit by the mean of Credit Card, Neteller, Skrill, Wire Transfer, and open Silver, Gold, Platinum, or professional account. The broker prepared an even Islamic account.

It presented the Silver account type filling it with hedging function, 1:30 margin level, and Islamic mode of account. It is perfect for the starting of the trading career.

The Gold account considers the presence of hedging, 1:30 margin for a retail account, 1:400 for a professional one, personal account manager, swap discount 25%, the Islamic mode of account. ROinvesting made a bigger pack of instruments, for the investors, who want to upgrade skills.

The Platinum account is filled with hedging as well, margin 1:30 for the retail account and 1:500 level for a professional one, account manager, swap discount 50%, free VPS, investment news. All these tools will help advanced traders to reach higher heights.

ROInvesting site includes a professional trading account. The broker added this type for the clients who intend to become a pro in trading. Such investors are offered with the different margin on complex financial derivative instruments, upper access to our pro loyalty programs and its advantages, first-class support service. ROinvesting offers them to enjoy margins decrease by up to 70%, using up to 95% of the value of their shareholdings as margin for spread bets and complex financial derivative, protection from a below zero account balance.

Your Privacy is in Safety

This brokerage firm collects the necessary information required in order to open, transact, and safeguard our traders’ assets. ROinvesting ensures the confidentiality of the required information. The broker gathers two types of data and information from clients: from banks and other sources in order to construct your profile based on your preferences in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. ROinvesting is a regulated investment firm by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with CIF License no 269/15 (hereafter “the Company”). It works for you not to worry about your personal information that we protect. The company works for getting your opportunity to operate on the most convenient trading platform. Open Account now to trade with the safe broker.

Why ROinvesting?

ROinvesting transmits the idea of experiencing web-trading is possible for anyone who wants to do it. The broker prepared innovative solutions, that help you to get what you make in aim. It supports the traders in their goals. The company can be highly proud of the unequalled ROinvesting platform. It’s equipped it with the latest financial instruments and software. There is everything to perform productive trading activity. Such assets as currency pairs, complex financial derivative, metals, commodities, and shares are available to choose and trade.

ROinvesting concerns about maintaining the security of its investors. It works in accordance with the international regulations and national legislation on the safety and privacy of data, funds, investments, and transactions.

The broker provides online education, which includes tutorials, courses, articles, webinars, e-books, VODs. If you are a beginner, you can learn a lot. If you are advanced, it will be helpful anyway to improve yourself and work more efficiently. ROinvesting is here to provide you with top assistance and access to the financial markets.

Enjoy CFD trading with ROInvetsing Review:

ROInvesting offers to open CFD account, where traders are allowed to enjoy a full package of CFD trading opportunities. CFD trading opens new horizons in trading and Investing is ready to give you all the ways to these horizons.

Usually, in trading activities, a contract is concluded between the seller and the buyer of a certain asset. This contract foresees the sale and purchase of the assets, and hold rights pass to the second party. This condition occurs when trading direct financial instruments (stocks, bonds). CFD is an instrument that allows trading the asset indirectly.

There are several assets for CFD trading:

  • CFDs on shares perform by the mean of buying CFDs on a share without getting the ownership of this share. However, traders can earn on the change in its value and receive potential gains. The price of a CFD per share and the value of a share in the same and are not traded in separately from each other.
  • CFDs on indices give traders the opportunity to potentially earn on changes in the world’s leading stock indices markets. This specific financial instrument allows you to trade following the changes in the worth of the shares of the largest companies comprised in an index.
  • CFDs on commodities permit you to invest in the moves of the cost of commodities, using these contracts. CFD trading allows concluding transactions on oil, coffee, sugar, cotton, etc. without actual delivery of products.
  • CFDs on currencies (digital currencies included) work on the same principles as CFDs on shares. In this case, you don’t need to buy the asset itself, because CFDs on currency provide trading with the price dynamic.

After CFD instruments appeared on the platforms, it gained many pros. ROInvesting offers to take these advantages from CFD trading:

  • Leverage option for operations. It is a great tool to increase the capital several times using the leverage.
  • Good time to profit potential from any direction that market goes. As CFD is about dealing with the direction of the price, where you have the opportunity to earn from rising as well as from fall.
  • Diversification of portfolio. CFD fits for any asset.
  • Capacity for hedging. CFDs is commonly used for hedging risks.


Visiting ROInvesting site you find many CFDs advantages, and broker gladly provide you with it. Besides, the broker has many interesting offerings for the customers: newbie or expert, you will find an instrument for making your trading experience unforgettable and productive.


Is ROInvesting a scam?

No, it is not. ROInvesting is a licensed financial services provider.

Is ROInvesting regulated by the CySEC?

Yes, it is. ROInvesting is a Cyprus regulated Forex broker with CySEC license since March 2015. It is easy to check their official documents on CySEC’s website.

Can I try ROInvesting before I buy?

ROInvesting offers a demo account for Forex trading on the platform.

What is the ROInvesting telephone support number?

ROInvesting provides several means of communication like live chat with manager, contact form on the site, e-mail and phone number 80050026003.

What funding methods do ROInvesting accept?

ROInvesting provides great selection of replenish means: online wallets (Neteller, Skrill, INPAY, Payvision, Paysafe, Trustly, SafeCharge, Orangepay, Trustly), PayPal, credit/debit cards, bank transfer.

Where can I find ROInvesting terms and conditions?

ROInvesting gives full information about its operational terms and conditions on its official site Site is available on different languages: English, Russian, Italian, Polish, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Lithuanian and French.

Is ROInvesting a good broker?

ROInvesting prepared a wide selection of financial assets: Forex trading, stocks. commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices, and CFDs. The broker also offers several modes of trading platforms, Furthermore, you find the account type according to your financial capacity.

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  1. Amazing broker with fast withdrawals. Their platforms and tools are suitable for traders of all levels.

  2. Roinvesting is a cool broker for experienced traders. they have a cool mobile application – fast and simple, and the support service shows a high level of professionalism

  3. I am interested in this investment. Kindly let me know the next procedure to follow

  4. I am interested in this investment. Kindly have me informed the next procedure to be followed.

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