Revenue of Liberty Global Goes Down in Q2

Revenue of Liberty Global Goes Down in Q2

Choking down the expectations of analysts, Liberty Global, the TV and broadband company posted the revenue that eclipsed the forecasts. On revenue of $2.72 billion, it earned $0.09 per share.

The shares of the conglomerate are up by 2 per cent. However, it is still trading at a low of 52 weeks, that is $23.30. Additionally, it is among the thin performers on Nasdaq 100 that has grown 26.59% this year.

Liberty Global is following the path of Amazon, which reported a profit of $10.3 earning per share on $88.91B (revenue) recently. It bettered the anticipation exponentially, which stayed around $1.48 with the revenue strolling about $81.45B.

Similarly, Visa A too had announced superior third-quarter results on July 28 that had analysts and experts in a fix. It garnered revenue of $4.84B with EPS of $1.06. The forecast minced around $4.82B with EPS of $1.03.


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