PSA plans to electrify its vehicles by 2025

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Chief Executive of Peugeot SA Carlos Tavares stated on Wednesday that by the year 2025, the French auto manufacturer plans to be a hundred percent electric with its vehicles. The company also added that it will be closely working with Open engineers which were acquired from General Motors Co (GM.N) to design automotives for the U.S. market.

During the Automotive News World Congress held in Detroit, Tavares stated that 80 percent of the French auto manufacturer’s automotives will feature a automated navigating system which will by the year 2030.

The term electrified is widely used by executives in the auto industry to describe fully electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles that utilizes battery systems and petroleum fueled engines.

Over twenty year ago, Peugeot pulled back from the U.S. market. Tavares being the past Renault-Nissan executive who took up the mantle of executive for the company in 2014 plans to steadily reintroduce the brand to the U.S. market.

Tavares gained GM’s European Opel operation following GM’ decision to end the bankrupt operation.

On Wednesday, Tavares drafted a three step procedure for reentering the Peugeot brand in the U.S. market.

Peugeot’s Free2Move brand is already providing ride services in the U.S. using other companies’ cars. The next move is obvious with Peugeot using their own vehicles, Tavares said. The third and final step will be to begin offering Peugeot vehicles which were designed with the help of Opel engineers who previously worked on designing automotives for GM.

Tavares seems to be confident with their Opel engineers, stating that the incoming products for the market will be U.S. amenable, conforming not only from a regulatory standpoint but also satisfying consumer taste.


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