Positive Signs For US COVID Vaccine, Final Testing Remains

Positive Signs For US COVID Vaccine, Final Testing Remains

US Biotech firm Moderna developed a COVID Vaccine that accelerated the immune system in the human body, proves tests on 45 volunteers. The firm is awaiting final testing due on July 27, 2020, which would include 30,000 volunteers to verify. If the vaccine is indeed strong enough to beat the virus.

On Tuesday, the research found that the corona vaccine revved up the immune antibodies in a person and helped him to fight strongly against the disease, better than an average person. No volunteer faced any side effects on the body, but more than 50% of them encountered some flu – such as fever, fatigue, headache, or pain on the injected area.

Shares of Moderna Inc. also jumped 15% before market closer, on Tuesday, and have grown almost 4 times in the last 1 year.

The next 30,000 people final trial will include older adults and severe patients, too, whereas the current trial only included young adults. Apart from the US, around 20-22 other vaccines are in for trials. Besides, China and Britain also schedule to go for final testing.

Many are worried that if only one nation would develop the COVID vaccine. Then the richer countries might stockpile them, and the under-developed ones might continue to suffer. Fauci, from National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, says that the world needs multiple doses, not one, i.e. multiple winners not one.

Coronavirus has so far infected 13.5 million people and killed around 580,000 people in the world. The experts suggest that the COVID prevention dose would develop latest by the end of 2020, in the best-case scenario.


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