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Phoenix LTD

Trading in financial services requires the best of trading services support. Traders have to find a broker that helps them make successful trading. However, many traders fail to analyse and go for the suitable trading platform. 

In the article, we’ll be discussing Phoenix Ltd review. This will guide traders with a depth knowledge of the services they can access at the brokers and what all it has to provide for smooth trading experience of its clients. 

So, let’s dig in and have a short yet significant Phoenix Ltd review. 

Phoenix Ltd at a Glance

Details  Phoenix Ltd
Official website 
Founded In 2013
Minimum Deposit $250
Maximum Leverage  1:400
Trading Platform WebTrader
Regulated By Financial Services Authority 
Trading Instruments Forex, cryptos, CFDs on commodities, shares and indices

What is Phoenix Ltd?

Phoenix Ltd., is a financial brokerage company. The broker as per our analysis is said to be established in 2013. A trading company for the visionaries. It promises to raise the bar on CFD trading. 

Besides, users can have limitless resources to trade in the financial markets as an expert. Thus, they can take daily advantage of full trading market challenges. 

Working with the aim to offer clients with extensive services on the most advantageous terms to access trading online and raise the expertise to make right trading decisions. 

Is Phoenix Ltd a scam or secure broker?

Phoenix Ltd., is operating under the name of Phoenix Limited company. Since 2013 it has created a good market reputation which makes it a secure trading platform. The broker is regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles (FSA). 

Regulatory bodies provide brokers with rules and regulations to operate in the market. 

Licence number of FSA with Phoenix Ltd is SD113. Thus, traders can trust the platform and its services for feasible trading experience. 

The authorised firm delivers traders with high quality services. Besides, a secure trading environment online makes it sound secure and trustworthy. 


                      PROS                         CONS 
Regulated by Financial Services Authority Does not offer services in USA. 
128-bit SSL encryption for privacy protection
Maximum Leverage offered 1:400 

Deposits and Minimum Requirements

At PhoenixLtd, traders have the convenience of depositing funds in multiple currencies, including USD, EUR, and JPY. The broker offers several deposit methods to cater to different preferences, which include credit cards, alternative payment methods (APMs), and wire transfers.

When it comes to the minimum deposit requirement at Phoenix Ltd, traders are expected to deposit a minimum of $250 to fund their trading accounts. This minimum deposit threshold ensures that traders have sufficient funds to start trading and take advantage of the available opportunities within the platform.

By providing various deposit options and supporting multiple currencies, PhoenixLtd aims to accommodate the needs of traders from different regions and facilitate easy and secure funding of trading accounts.

How can traders withdraw funds?

When initiating a withdrawal from PhoenixLtd, it is crucial to ensure that the chosen withdrawal method corresponds to the method used for the initial deposit. For instance, if a trader utilised Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) for the deposit, they must also use APMs for the withdrawal.

In the event that a trader wishes to withdraw an amount that exceeds their initial deposit, the additional funds will be transferred via wire transfer. This means that if the withdrawal amount surpasses the deposited funds, the exceeding amount will be sent to the trader’s bank account through a wire transfer.

For traders who made their deposit using a credit card and intend to withdraw an amount that exceeds the initial deposit, the original deposited sum will be returned to the credit card. The remaining amount, which surpasses the initial deposit, will be transferred via wire transfer to the trader’s bank account.

These withdrawal policies ensure that funds are processed and transferred securely and in adherence to the original deposit method, promoting transparency and compliance with financial regulations.

What can be traded on ModMount?


   Phoenix Ltd offers traders a diverse range of over 50+ exotic currency pairs to trade. This extensive selection allows traders to engage in the foreign exchange market and take advantage of various trading opportunities.

When it comes to leverage, Phoenix Ltd provides a maximum leverage of 400 and a minimum leverage of 200. Leverage allows traders to amplify their trading positions by using borrowed funds, potentially magnifying their profits or losses. However, it is important to exercise caution and use leverage responsibly, as higher leverage levels also entail increased risk.


PhoenixLtd has expanded its services to include cryptocurrency trading, recognizing the growing significance of digital currencies in the financial industry. As a result, clients can trade a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies, including popular options such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

To enhance the cryptocurrency trading experience, PhoenixLtd provides advanced trading tools and features. These tools enable traders to analyse market trends, implement trading strategies, and make informed decisions. Additionally, competitive pricing ensures that clients can access favourable trading conditions within the cryptocurrency market.


The platform offers a flexible minimum trade size, with the option to trade as low as 0.01. This allows traders to manage their positions according to risk tolerance and trading strategies. 

PhoenixLtd sets a maximum trade size of 50, allowing traders to adjust their trading volumes based on their preferences and available capital.

Among the commodities available for trading at PhoenixLtd are coffee, cocoa, crude oil, cotton, soybean, and more. This range of commodities spans agricultural products, energy resources, and other essential raw materials.


Trading in high-liquidity shares can provide traders with several advantages. First, ample liquidity means that there are many buyers and sellers, making it easier to execute trades at desired prices. 

The high market interest in these shares often increases price volatility, presenting potential trading opportunities for profit.

Companies like Adidas, Walmart, Alibaba are recognized for their innovative services, groundbreaking products, and influential positions within their respective sectors. This market prominence and brand strength can increase investor confidence and increase trading activity.


Enhance your CFD trading expertise with our platform’s upgraded trading tools, paving the way for an exceptional trading experience. These advanced tools are designed to provide you with a competitive edge and enhance your decision-making process.

Why Choose Phoenix Ltd?

The brokerage company, Phoenix Ltd, is an excellent choice for financial traders. It has regulation of a known financial institution, the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Besides, traders can access high quality trading services. 

Its trading platform, WebTrader, provides you with infinite resources. You can access them easily at the tip of your fingers. Desktop, mobile or tablets you can trade using any of these devices. 

Other than this, the customer support is professional. It is committed to deliver traders with the best services. Also, the extended customer hours whenever traders need help make it easy to reach. 

The approach of the platform towards their services is customer centric. The five custom accounts ensure that traders from all levels are able to trade smoothly and meet the trading needs. 

In addition, traders can have 160+ CFDs assets, 30 plus technical indicators, daily trading signals from experts of the market and many more advanced facilities. 

Available Trading Platform

Phoenix Ltd., has the best trading platform WebTrader that requires no downloading. One can directly use it on their browsers to connect with the world of financial trading. 

It helps traders to personalise their trading experience through this trading platform. They can trade online with Phoenix and combine the ability to choose the platform that you prefer. 

Traders can use the power tools and resources for the trading conditions. 


  • Quick access to high liquidity markets
  • Free trading analysis tools
  • Requires no download
  • User-friendly Web interface 
  • Three click transactions 
  • Stop Loss and Take Profits Calculators 
  • New Limit Order provided

Trading Accounts

The broker offers client driven trading accounts for their successful trading. Here we have the trading accounts traders can use with the broker: 

Details Classic Silver Gold Platinum  VIP
Leverage Up-to 1:400 1:400 1:400 1:400 1:400
Instruments All Assets All Assets All Assets All Assets All Assets
Swap Discount Available Available Available Available
Margin Call 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Stop-Out 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
Minimum Volume Per Trade 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
Maximum Volume Per Trade 50 50 50 50 50
Negative Balance Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Trading Education  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trading Signals  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full Account Overview
Monthly  Monthly  Weekly 

Spreads Available: 

Details Classic Silver Gold Platinum  VIP
EUR/USD 2.5 pips 2.5 pips 1.8 pips  1.4 pips  0.9 pips 
GBP/USD 2.8 pips  2.8 pips  2.3 pips  2 pips 1.4 pips 
USD/JPY 2.8 pips  2.8 pips  2.3 pips  2 pips 1.4 pips 
Crude Oil $0.14 $0.14 $0.13 $0.12 $0.10

Fees and Commission


0 TO 1 MONTH            0
1 TO 2 MONTHS          80 USD/EURO
2 TO 6 MONTHS          120 USD/EURO
AFTER 6 MONTHS          200  USD/EURO


            METHOD            APPLICABLE FEES 
    Debit Card

     Credit Card

     Prepaid Card


    Wire Transfer      30 USD/EUR
    E-Wallets            3.5%/2%

Educational and Research Resources

It has been noted that the current website of PhoenixLtd may need more education and research resources for traders seeking to enhance their trading experience. To address this limitation, traders should consider brokers that offer wand research tools.

Brokers like XPro Markets and Elland Road Capital have distinguished themselves by providing extensive educational and research resources. These resources typically include chart analysis, daily news updates, video lectures, and comprehensive explanations of various forex trading topics. Such resources cater to the needs of traders at all levels of experience, ensuring a smoother trading journey.

By opting for brokers that prioritise providing comprehensive educational and research materials, traders can acquire valuable knowledge, stay informed about market trends, and refine their trading strategies. 

Choosing a broker with vital educational and research resources can significantly enhance your trading skills and decision-making abilities, contributing to a more prosperous and rewarding trading experience.

Customer Support

At Phoenix Ltd., traders can contact the professional team using various modes available. It is a flexible and easy to access platform that is always there to assist their clients. 

Traders can connect with the staff through the following: 


The article gives traders a detailed Phoenix Ltd review. Readers can analyse the broker and its services that support efficient trading. According to our research the broker is well established in Seychelles and regulated by FSA authority. 

Traders can trust the platform as it has a proper licence to operate in the market with registration. Its spreads are competitive, 1:400 maximum leverage if available, various trading accounts with services and a lot of other facilities for traders successful trading. 


What currencies can a trader deposit in PhoenixLtd?

Phoenix can deposit in Euro, USDollar and JapaneseYen.

Can your withdrawal be cancelled?

Yes. your withdrawal can be cancelled as long as the transfer is not processed.

How long does the withdrawal process take?

Withdrawal process takes 8-10 days to get your request, further depending on your local bank.

Is Phoenix a regulated broker?

Yes, Phoenix is a regulated broker by FSA, Seychelles.

What is the maximum leverage offered by PhoenixLtd?

The maximum leverage offered by PhoenixLtd is 1:400.

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