PDVSA tells of recovery of operations at oil terminal in Venezuela after oil spill


State oil company PDVSA said on Wednesday that one of the three docks of Venezuela’s main crude exporting port have resumed operations after recovering from a “minor” oil spill that happened over the weekend. PVDSA did not state how big the spill was.

Union and shipping sources said on Tuesday that the spill happened while loading a vessel headed for India at Jose port’s eastern dock. It also affected tankers that are nearby the very large crude carrier (VLCC) Nave Quasar, chartered by India’s Reliance Industries.

The situation was under control the PDVSA said confirming the spill on Wednesday.

In a statement, PDVSA said that "Expert oil industry workers activated a contingency plan over the weekend after a minor incident occurred in the maritime terminal, where an oil spill happened during loading operations".

"Immediately, Jose port workers started work to contain, collect, and clean the area, managing to recover operations without registering losses, affectations or harm."

The PDVSA did not reveal how big the spill actually is said a union source and two workers.

Jose is Venezuela’s largest port for crude oil. Because of its capacity to load Suezmaxes and VLCCs, a majority of crude shipments are made in Jose. The port also receives imports of diluents for PDVSA's extra heavy oil output, such as light crude and naphtha.

Among the customers of PDVSA is India. It receives crude from the Orinoco Belt and in some cases pays for that oil by shipping refined products to Venezuela.


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