Oracle Interested In Acquiring TikTok’s US Operations

Oracle Interested In Acquiring TikTok’s US Operations

On Monday, the leading newspaper Financial Times has posted that the US-company Oracle Corporation is interested in buying US TikTok operations and has held initial talks with its owner ByteDance too. The American computer software firm is in the race to acquire the app’s services in New Zealand, Canada, US, and Australia.

Oracle is already working with other US investors, which have some stake in the Chinese company, ByteDance, already, including Sequoia Capital and General Atlantic. Apart from the California-based computer tech firm, Twitter Incorporation and Microsoft are already in a strong race to acquire the app.

Besides, Microsoft is not only considering the US operations buy but the global part of the app, particularly in Europe and India, where the government has already banned the Chinese media app over the border disputes.

The move is the result of the US President Trump ordering the Chinese firm, ByteDance, to sell its US operations within 90 days, in response to the concerns over the safety of information of users with the Chinese app.

Meanwhile, the ByteDance is not ready to sell its operations besides New Zealand, Canada, US, and Australian ones.


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