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Oinvest Review 2022 is a leading financial services provider that connects South African residents to trading.

Introduction to Oinvest Review

This services and conditions of trade are suitable for all types and levels of traders, as Oinvest offers wide trading opportunities. Thousands of traders in the region are already building their trading career with Oinvest, and every day the broker receives dozens of positive reviews regarding this service. The broker achieved all these thanks to the continuous improvement of qualities and following the latest standards in the field of trading.

Oinvest offers trading through various asset classes. Also, traders find a large number of useful training resources. Another bonus is the ability to open a demo account to practice and be better prepared for real trading.

It is important for Oinvest that all its clients reveal their appreciation. There is no one universal type of account, but several. And so that the process of trading with Oinvest is as comfortable and understandable as possible, the platform has assembled a customer support team that will answer all your questions.

More About Oinvest Review

Oinvest is a trademark of Basfour 3773 (PTY) Limited, which has been an authorized provider of financial services since 2010.

The company’s head office is located in South Africa, and all residents of this region can use its services.

Oinvest professional activities, painstaking work, and high-quality services have brought confidence and helped to gain a reputation in financial services supplying industry. The company’s work has been appreciated by various awards, including “The fastest-growing currency trading provider in South Africa”, “The best currency broker in Africa” and “The best multi-asset broker in South Africa”.

Oinvest deserves all these awards because it tirelessly works on its services and their quality, as well as focusing on the good results of the traders.

Oinvest Review – Strict Security and Regulation

Oinvest is licensed to provide financial services. The regulator that oversees and controls the broker’s financial operation is the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa.

Cybersecurity is another point that the Oinvest team has done a good job and brought it to near perfection. Oinvest, as a conscientious financial services provider, is actively engaged in the issue of ensuring the safety and security of its traders’ data.

The Oinvest cybersecurity system includes firewalls, encryption of all financial transfers, SSL protocols, and password logins. The traders can also be sure that their data is safe, as Oinvest uses a wide range of cybersecurity measures for storing it.

Besides, our Oinvest data centres are also protected around the clock by security personnel.

The broker’s activities are transparent. By going to Oinvest website, traders can easily see a wide range of documents that cover all aspects of the activities as a financial services provider. This brokerage company has nothing to hide since its work is guided by the principles of good faith honest business practice.

Oinvest Review:  Trading conditions

3 Easy Trading Steps of Oinvest Broker

Oinvest trading conditions are quite attractive for traders. The fact is that when determining the trading conditions for the clients, the broker used the many years of experience of professional traders and carefully studied the financial market.

In the process of trading, several points can in no way be ignored. These are indicators that need to be recognized immediately if you want to work with a certain financial services provider because they will determine the course of your trading activities in the future.

So, such aspects are the maximum margin. Oinvest offers a margin of 1: 500, which operates with two types of accounts. Experienced traders know that margin allows them to open significantly larger positions. This is a great opportunity for all customers, especially those who start with a little capital. With the help of margin, Oinvest users can actively trade, not limited to the initial deposit amount.

The next condition for trading is the size of the spread, which is essentially the difference between the sale and purchase prices of the asset. Oinvest’s spreads remain relatively low. For example, 0.9 points for the EUR / GBP pair and 0.7 points for EUR / USD. But for example, when trading indices, spreads are much lower.

As for the minimum amount of deposit, it is $250. Such a small amount pleasantly surprises Oinvest clients, especially those who are just starting a career as a trader and had some stereotypical ideas about the complexity and the high cost of the trading process.

It is important to know that Oinvest does not charge any fees for your transactions. The broker also does not have any hidden fees, as it is guided by the principle of transparency in work with clients.

Trading on a Leading platform

Oinvest.co.za Review 2020

Oinvest decided not to experiment or risk taking the choice of trading platforms, therefore, turned to the most popular option – the MetaTrader4 platform.

This platform has been taking the leading position for 15 years and is rightfully considered the best on the market. MetaTrader4 is a kind of classic in its segment, especially when it comes to a professional approach to the trading process.

The platform for trading includes the following components:

  1. MetaTrader4 software for PC. This version of the platform is installed on a PC and is supported on any operating system.
  2. WebTrader platform with this version of the platform, traders can trade through any browser, and only Internet connection is needed. This is a great option for those who choose not to install software on a computer.
  3. MetaTrader 4 Mobile. The mobile version of the platform allows our clients to free trade from their smartphones, which is very convenient.

MetaTrader4 has a good functional, more than 50 integrated market indicators and provides the ability to easily launch automated trading sessions. The platform offers users four different types of pending orders, as well as one-click orders.

Another advantage of this trading platform is the availability of a package of advanced charting tools.

In general, the broker fully analyzed the existing platforms in the industry and chose MetaTrader4, since it significantly surpasses the others in terms of characteristics. MetaTrader4 has always been a good solution for professional and advanced traders.

Open Account with Oinvest today to use the amazing MetaTrader4.

Trading Instruments

Oinvest offers an advanced trading method — through a complex financial derivative instrument.

All assets that clients can trade on this platform, including currency pairs, stocks, commodities, and more, are available in the form of contracts for price differences. What is this for? The fact is that with the transition to the online platform, trading has undergone significant changes. They turned out to be positive. After all, it is much simpler, for example, to trade gold online without buying the ingot itself and without paying the costs of its delivery and storage. Trading complex financial derivative is not energy-intensive, but nothing must impede concentration on the trading process.

Even though Oinvest services are geographically distributed only in South Africa, the broker’s activities are directed to the global level.

The company covers global financial markets and provide its traders with access to them. On Oinvest platform, traders deal with over 350 assets that belong to different classes. From such a huge list, even the most fastidious traders will find an asset suitable for them and will be able to trade it through the complex financial derivatives.

Selection of trading accounts with Oinvest Review:

Creating trading accounts, the broker tried to fit the best characteristics into them and takes into account the diversity of experience of many traders. Features of each type of Oinvest account is aimed at maximizing the development of the trading activity of an individual client and revealing his trading potential.

So, Oinvest offers the following trading account options: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

These three types of accounts are provided for beginner investors, experienced and professional traders, respectively. The separation of accounts into three types is due to differences in the spread, margin, and discount swap. These three points are the main differences in the terms of use of accounts.

For example, users with a Silver account have a margin of 1: 200 for currency pairs, and users of a Gold account are offered higher margin. Those who choose Gold and Platinum accounts are provided with personal account managers and access to webinars and videos from Oinvest’s educational resources. It is also important to know: no matter what type of account you choose, a full list of traded assets will be available to you.

However, a standard set of accounts is too easy for an upscale financial services provider like Oinvest. That is why with Oinvest you will find a unique opportunity, which is to adapt any of the selected types of account to Muslim requirements. This feature is expressed in the fact that it is interest-free. Thus, Muslim investors can also trade with Oinvest, without having to make a difficult choice between career and religion.

Demo account

Oinvest traders have the opportunity to try to trade in the conditions that the broker offers for free for 14 days.

For this task, Oinvest team created a demo account, which is free for opening and conducting trading, because all the funds on it are virtual. Nevertheless, such an account has all the functions and characteristics, like real accounts, which allows you to conclude transactions as realistically as possible.

This practice is an opportunity to experiment and apply various trading styles and observe their results. Also, such an experiment gives a better understanding of what trading with Oinvest is and what financial plans you would like to implement when building a career as a trader with Oinvest. Open Account with the Oinvest broker to get the free demo service.

Customer Support – Oinvest.co.za

Customer service is also one of Oinvest’s priorities. Therefore, the traders can be sure that any of their problems will be heard and resolved as quickly as possible. Oinvest encourages its traders not to be shy to seek help because any situation that requires our intervention and solution helps to become better and improve the quality of the company services.

Regarding the options for contacting the managers, Oinvest provides customer support by phone or email. All that the user needs to do in case of questions is to fill out an online form on Oinvest website and wait for an answer. After the customers leave their contact details, support agents contact them.

Support is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 20:00.

It is also important to note that support service agents are strictly selected employees who have trading experience and are experts in this field. In general, Oivnest customers can count on professional and quick help and relevant answers to any of their questions. Oinvest is aware of the importance of customer support as a factor determining the reliability of a financial services provider. This is a guarantee that the traders will not be left alone with their potential problems, and they will receive professional assistance.

Oinvest Review:  Education section

Learning Center of Oinvest Broker

As a professional financial services provider, Oinvest provides its clients with training materials. They are specially designed for the Oinvest concept and correspond to our goal of maximally educating the traders for professional trading.

Oinvest offers a lot of resources that are useful to any trader. A variety of training materials allows you to choose a training format that is convenient for you: it can be courses, webinars, E-books.

On the broker’s website, traders will find a whole section with articles: these are interesting, understandable, and informative texts on relevant topics. Oinvest traders also have access to the economic calendar, which contains up-to-date financial information.

Oinvest also periodically holds educational webinars. These are video format seminars in which traders are provided with useful information. For beginners, webinars are a particularly important point in trading education, because it also includes the ability to communicate with an experienced trader who can give recommendations.


OInvest is a leading financial services provider for residents of South Africa. It has many features and positive qualities, so it becomes a popular choice among traders of all levels. Oinvest Review trading conditions are attractive, and the approach to work and customers is serious and built on respect.

Important is the fact that Oinvest is, first of all, a regulated broker, which has a license for financial activities and provides the necessary protection for storing clients’ funds and information.

Oinvest Review 2021 offers a decent selection of trading platforms and tradable assets. Thanks to this, traders expand their portfolio and gain new, valuable experience.

The broker’s educational content for traders is available in various formats: courses, e-books, articles, study guides, and much more. This makes trading education as affordable and simplified as possible. Open Account with the Oinvest to get the educational content for free.

In its work, Oinvest has its concept and principles, thanks to which it stands out from other financial service providers. The company’s activity was noted and marked with awards that Oinvest received due to the continuous development and improvement of the quality of services and customer support.

Oinvest clients and their performance in trading is the most important indicator of the broker’s painstaking work and efforts, which it puts in order to keep the brand and become better each day.


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