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Oinvest Broker Review 2020

Oinvest Broker Review 2020

Oinvest brokerage company turns up to be a hard-hitting web platform, which was created to unlock trading potential. The broker’s crew is responsible for the formation Oinvest platform. It endowed a technologically advanced platform for the Oinvest brand. The broker offers 350 instruments, which you can trade by the mean of CFDs. Using this advanced platform, you can enjoy a wide selection of assets. The broker has several sections of financial instruments to trade.

Is Oinvest Broker Worth To Trust?

Oinvest is a highly regarded company, that worked hard at gaining a good standing. The broker does not hide anything from its traders but provides full information about what it constitutes. Visiting Oinvest site, you can find all legal documents, licenses, and awards, that the company won. This brokerage firm is operated by Aronex Corporation LTD., a company incorporated in Seychelles, regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles, with license number SD014. The broker introduced Oinvest band name to become one of the leading financial services providers, giving investment options to investors worldwide.

Get Opportunity To Trade

Oinvest platform was developed for people with any level and skills, could experience trading. The broker made it possible to fulfilling trading ambitions, even for those, who have not enough practice. It offers to use the modified online platform, that is presented in different modes: Webtrader, MetaTrader 4, and mobile version. HFTrading offers to trade a great choice of instruments. That is why the broker prepared one of the largest sections of cryptocurrency. This asset is modern and innovative, as Oinvest site.

Opportunity to Trade with OInvest Broker

Start Your Online Trading Practice With Oinvest Broker

This company is welcoming to beginners and experienced traders as well. Oinvest trading platform contains much useful information in the education section. On Oinvest platform laying up a program, which would be accommodative for the clients with different staring styles and levels of proficiency. The steps you should perform to begin working on our site:

  1. Sign up the platform.
  2. Make a deposit.
  3. Choose the assets, that is handy to trade for you.
  4. Open a deal, that you sure would end successfully.

As you noticed, all actions are depended on you. Oinvest Broker is here only to provide you with the opportunity to get access to the market and use our instruments.

learn how to do fundamental and technical analysis through tutorial

The Broker Takes Present To The Next Level

Oinvest brokerage company strains after to be a first-class investment service, which reflects the time. This site has a large unit with a quantity of cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency pairs. Oinvest offers you to trade on Crypto Exchange, using our tools. The broker gives you access to the platform for trading and exchanging some digital cryptocurrencies for others, for instance, bitcoins, altcoins, and stable coin.

Digital money is an innovative instrument to operate and gain on the market. On Oinvest site you get the ability to mine crypto money and exchange digital assets for real money. The platform is equipped with the tools, with the help of which you can use cryptocurrencies as an asset in trading.

Oinvest presented specially designed high-performance algorithms, which do not complicate your trading activity. The broker carries your orders directly on the exchange. Only you manage your account and transactions. Oinvest made a special decoding system for saving the clients’ personal information in privacy.

Oinvest is filled with helpful features. The broker created a favourable environment with the last technological tools for our traders. There are graphs, the immediate performance of sell and buy commands, history of transactions. The chart in the form of candlesticks is accepted and considered the most informative for the activity on Exchange, is available to monitor the market. On this site, you find many other efficient features, that were specially created for you.

Oinvest Broker Informs About All Movements

Oinvest is aware of how the market can be challenging. That is why the broker always provides full information about any movement on the market. The broker prepared a special account type, which includes news alerts. It is one of the most helpful functions for the trader. As any event can exert its influence on the price of the traded assets, you always should keep abreast. Along the same lines, Oinvest stakes out awareness of the clients about the potential risks attributed to trading and performing certain deals. The security system of this platform is incessantly scanning transactions and sends warnings to investors in case of potential risky outcomes of the transaction. The brokerage offers margin levels that could elicit an effect in possible losses.

You Come At Different Markets

Oinvest prepared different assets, which are traded on different exchanges. On this platform, you are able to operate with such instruments as indices, cryptocurrencies, Forex trading, CFDs on stocks, commodities. Each sector of the market has its advantages and disadvantages, but it’s on a one-to-one basis.

Trading Indices On Oinvest Broker

Indices estimate the overall value of the stock rate of many companies. Thousands of them trade on global exchanges. Due to the indices, you can understand the general direction of a whole group of stocks and the corresponding market tone. The plus of trading indices over individual stocks is using passive investment strategies. This is the way you do not need to monitor specific company activity. You just check the data on the indices and open a certain position (sell or buy). The index moves much less volatile than the rate of individual stocks, where drastic jumps are possible. Oinvest offers you to trade the most popular indices. The wide range of this asset is presented in our section assets index.

Forex Trading with Oinvest

The forex trading option is possible to use on Oinvest platform. This broker is good at knowing how popular this way of trading is. The company gives you the opportunity to experience it with Oinvest. Working on with this brokerage company, you can trade Forex from your account in some clicks. After you make a deposit, you open a deal, and the broker moves the sum, that you pointed out to the Exchange. On Forex you perform currency exchange using Oinvest site as a broker between you and exchange. Such a currency exchange is carried out to produce a profit on the difference in exchange rates. The profit obtains as a result of the increasing or decreasing of national currencies rate. Oinvest gives you the chance to try this method of operating on the market. You can find a great number of currency pairs on the appropriate section on the broker’s site.

CFDs on Stocks Trading

Oinvest prepared a large selection of CFDs on stocks. It appears as contracts that allow investors to capitalize on the change in the stock cost. The nuance lies in not coming under the delivery of any shares or instruments between two traders. Trading CFDs on stocks the basic asset is share of the company. The advantages of trading this simplified and affordable way are the following:

  • You can trade with a small deposit and bigger leverage level;
  • Instant opening and closing of transactions;
  • There are no restrictions on short positions;
  • No need to install a trading terminal, as all trading comes from a browser or mobile application.

The broker provides all these useful functions for the trader on the Oinvest site.

Cryptocurrency Trading on Oinvest

The brokerage firm disposes of a whole big section with plenty of choices of cryptocurrency pairs to trade. The broker’s innovative platform supports many kinds of digital money to trade and exchange for real ones. On Oinvest online platform, you allow making an exchange of your national currency using payment via Visa / MasterCard or electronic payments. You choose a direction by type Visa USD – Bitcoin, indicate the necessary amount, receive information on the exchange rate and after making payment you will receive cryptocurrency in your wallet. Such a system functionates with the most popular currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others.

Commodity Trading on Oinvest

Oinvest offers a broad selection of commodities products on its site. Oinvest cordially provides you with metals, gas, oil, and other goods to trade. The concept of trading is when prices rise, you find a seller of commodities at a deal price and gain on the difference. A trader operates with contracts for the future delivery of commodities. A trader pays for a contract at a fixed price. When the price rises from the time of getting the contract. After the expiration of the contract, the trader can get a profit. When the price falls, the trader goes in minus. The broker has equipped the platform with the latest tools, so you can buy and sell goods in a few clicks.

Oinvest Makes Traders To Focus on Trading

The broker prepared everything that helps you to concentrate only on your trading practice. Oinvest platform divides the trading account into different types. All accounts have distinct features and starting sum.

The broker prepared the Silver profile for ones, who just decided to start trading. It contains many useful instruments for rookies. There you find and use spreads that start from 2.2, leverage levels from 1:200, and 1:50 for commodities trading. The withdrawal process takes up to 7 business days. Islamic type of account is obtainable on the Silver option. You also get here full 10-hour support assistance from 10 am – 8 pm GMT.

Support Assistance of Oinvest Broker

The Gold account opens for you spreads from 1.3, leverage levels from 1:400, and 1:100 for commodities trading. It provides an Islamic account as well. The account supports webinars and videos. The company provides you with an account manager to use their services.

The Platinum profile involves using of leverage 1:400 and 1:125 for commodities trading. Islamic option is available here too. A new function on the Platinum account is news alert, so you do not miss the opportunity to gain even more. Free VPS and account manager go with this type of account. It would be perfect for advanced traders, who need more interesting functions.

Different Platforms For Different Intentions

The broker’s team took heed to do several trading platforms, which vary, but keep generic features of the financial market. Oinvest platform is accessible in the web form, MT4, and mobile app. All versions of the platform are usable, but each trader chooses the most convenient for them. WebTrader is a simple, but a potent mode of the platform. It contains capable features for productive work. Modern charts designed for the traders to gain admittance to statistics and information about movements on Exchange. Visual trends, that are presented on WebTrader help you to benefit from preferred assets, and overall market trends. Oinvest offers a function of demo account of a 14-day demo to try your hand.

MetaTrader 4 is offered by Oinvest as a very popular trading platform. It is easy to download and you got an improved version of the platform with it. The platform is accessible on MT4 form for you in order to give you many indicators and tools, to help you recognize trends and establish a perfect entry and exit time. MT4 execution orders fast and easy. You got access to three performing modes, such as instant execution, plus 2 markets, 4 pending, and 2 stop orders.

The mobile application allows you not to miss the right time for opening or close a position. This trading platform offers it as a more comfortable version of the trading platform. It also maintains all necessary functions and capacities of the Web version. Oinvest lets you install it for free and enjoy every successful transaction.

Oinvest Broker is Focused On The Best

This brokerage firm intends to be top in its kind. It has also created a platform in accordance with the latest technologies, hired the best analysis and managers. The broker provides great instruments and trading assets. Oinvest worked hard to gain a good image among the investors. You can contact us with the simple form on the site. It also helps gladly and responds fast if you need any help.

Oinvest Broker is a real breakthrough among brokers worldwide. The platform includes many advantageous instruments, sectors of the market as well as technical functions. The investors manage its account as well as made calculated decisions, with the help of Oinvest tools and top assistance. They started with a convenient sum and trade on favourite assets. The broker intends to be a top financial service supplier for traders around the world. Oinvest created a good environment to operate on exchange. It also offers WebTrader, mobile app as well as MT4 for clients to choose what would be most useful. Oinvest team is responsible and immediately available for our traders. The broker waits for you to join the platform for experiencing all the benefits that it offers.

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