Oil Spills at U.S. Fracking Sites

Oil Spills

According to scientists from the U.S. it has been discovered that there has been 6,600 releases from these fracked wells over ten years in four states. The reported alarming problem was in North Dakota where 67% of the spills were recorded.

This incident is the largest spill recorded which involved 100,000 liters of fluid with the most related to storing and moving liquids. The growth in the extraction of oil and gas from uncommon sources in the U.S. has a great effect in the production and consumption of energythat was recorded in the past ten years.

The key to this expansion has been the use of hydraulic fracturing, which is the process of injecting fluids with chemical additives and applying high pressure that would crack rocks underground which would release the sources that are caught underneath.

Although this may increase possible sources of oil and gas, environmental campaigners are skeptical about this method because of the potential adverse effects of this process that might contaminate water supplies through the leaks and spills.

A study carried out by the U.S. Environment ProtectionAgency on fracking in eight states between 2006 and 2012 concluded that 457 spills had occurred. The state reported the highest level of spills relocated in North Dakota, which is a hot bed of activity in both oil and gas recovery.

There was a data recorded of 4,453 incidents in the state, which is much higher than Pennsylvania, Colorado and New Mexico


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