North Korea Starts Illegal Coal Export as The Virus Calms

North Korea Starts Illegal Coal Exports as The Virus Calms

According to the United Nations, North Korea has restarted its illegal exports of coal after months of halt. The shutdown was meant to stop the spread of the virus and almost came to full closure for the starting few months of this year. 

The exports were worst between January & March but have resumed now. Apart from it, the import of commodities and other goods have also restarted by freight and road means of transport, yet not to the pre-pandemic level.

The Kim Jong Un led nation managed to grow last year but due to corona crisis, the leader Kim’s decision to close the borders after which a brake has been imposed on the state’s limited legal export-import. 

Meanwhile, the North Korea leader denies any cases of coronavirus in the state, but many believe, including Taro Kono, Japan’s defence minister, that Kim is keeping things to himself and chances are virus is spreading in North Korea too. 

Also, after the talks between Kim Jong and Donald Trump was unable to end on agreeing terms, the North Korean regime has continued developing its nuclear weapons. The coal export of Kim’s nation has also been banned from depriving the state, of cash, which it needs to build war weapons. However, the capital of the Southeast Asian Nation, led by Kim, rakes more than hundreds of millions from illegitimate transfers via ship. In late March, this year, the state transferred coal in Chinese ports, according to UN council member. 

Notably, the state also imported more petroleum than assigned limits by the UN.


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