Nintendo Faces a New Uphill Battle after Releasing its Latest Console

Nintendo shares

Nintendo, one the biggest companies in the gaming industries marks its release of its latest console, Switch, or previously known as NX. Since the announcement of its release in October, a lot of the gaming industry experts and players are in high hopes for the new hardware device which doubles as a portable console and even has the ability to connect to the TV and play in the big screen.

While the company claimed that the sales of the said console at launch were through the roof and were the highest in history of the company’s sales. There are a number of red flags that give investors a reason to think otherwise about Nintendo being a reasonable idea. In the past few years, while the stock market was booming, Nintendo’s stock trailed behind and was very volatile despite the rising markets.

So if the investors were to compare Nintendo with other major competitors like Sony and Microsoft which controls the gaming industry at the market, we will see that Nintendo’s stock didn’t perform very well in addition to that the Nintendo started to make some gains for its investors which was all because of its hit mobile app, Pokemon Go.

A few days after the Switch release, a YouTube video highlighted the console’s major problems was uploaded and quickly became viral. At the same time, the Video gaming market is already being dominated by two major consoles one being Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation 4 being the other.


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