Nikola may Collaborate with Hyundai Motors on Hydrogen Technology

Nikola may Collaborate with Hyundai Motors on Hydrogen Technology

According to a South Korean newspaper, Trevon Milton, founder of Nikola, said that it is open to deal with Hyundai Motors, on hydrogen technology and noted that it also offered two proposals earlier to the Korean carmaker, but it rejected them. 

However, there are no reports of both the companies cooperating on any project soon, said a proxy at Hyundai. He continued that the firm wants to sell its hydrogen facilities to other carmakers yet the US electric truck maker, Nikola, could come up as fierce competition to the company’s commercial truck business. 

The Korean automaker and the Toyota Corporation were among the few carmakers which promoted hydrogen technology.

Meanwhile, in July, Hyundai delivered its first ten Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell, which is the first mass-produced heavy-duty fuel cell truck in the world, to Switzerland, and expects to ship more than 1600 trucks by the end of 2025. 

In the meantime, the Korean Automaker has also collaborated with Audi on its Hydrogen technology. The partnership in is alignment with the company’s announcement in late 2018, which states that it would increase its fuel cell facilities production per annum capacity to 700,000 by 2030. It would also include 200,000 units to be shipped to outside users, including manufacturers of drones, forklifts, and vessels. 

The US commercial truck maker also said that it would start producing its battery EV trucks by next year and its electric fuel cell trucks by 2023.


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