Netflix’s DVD service is still alive and making profit, by a narrow margin


The DVD division of Netflix has split from the streaming service in the year 2011. Compared to 125 million streaming subscribers, the DVD business has hardly over 3 million subscribers. However, the company sees no possible reason for it to cease operation yet as the company still earns money showing an operating profit valued at $56 million on $99 million in revenue during the initial quarter of 2018.

The service indeed has fans because it is still operational even in areas with low network connectivity. The streaming service may outnumber the DVD business in the number of subscribers, however, the DVD service has a massive selection of titles in its library. Approximately 100,000 DVDs dwarfs the 5,600 titles or so that the streaming service offers.

The DVD plans can range between $5 to $12 in a month while in streaming plans, they charge from $8 to $14 per month. A former employee has stated that some people who subscribed might still be paying for their DVD service subscription and are totally unaware of it because they never order the DVDs.

During the peak of the of the business, there were about 50 DVD distribution centers. There are currently 17 remaining distributions centers that are operational in the United States. For the twentieth anniversary celebration, the company has recently released footage of a busy DVD distribution center.


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