Best Stocks in NASDAQ Composite in 2016


A recap of the Companies under NASDAQ

The NASDAQ Composite index ended 2016 with almost all of its equities in a positive note. The Index rose by 6 percent which is a solid return over any twelve-month stretch of time.

The indexes in general did well in the past year, but only a handful of individual stocks were able wow the investors with a strong performance and equally strong finish. Here is a quick glance of the individual stock that has performed well in the past year.

Last year’s strongest finisher was Wins Finance Holding Group. Which had had a 1,400% return in investment. The company acts primarily as a guarantor for customers seeking credit facilities to help grow their business operations.

The second company to win in last year’s race was Corbus Pharmaceuticals and NVIDIA in third place and Advanced Micro Devices both had breakouts years thanks to each company producing a steady amount of profit that manages to exceed the market’s expectations. In addition, both companies announced brand-new architectures that encouraged investors more.

On the last month of last year NASDAQ announced that it welcomed a total of 369 new listing all throughout 2016. Maintaining its position as the leading global exchange venue with 73 percent win rate leadership to 12 consecutive quarters in the U.S. Notable wins.

Companies from a diverse range of industries and countries successfully launched their IPOs on NASDAQ in 2016, raising a total of almost $10.3 billion and $8.1 billion in the U.S. and Nordic markets respectively. 

In addition to that, NASDAQ welcomed a record high 73 switch from NYSE, including 21 companies and 52 exchange traded products (ETPs), with a summed market value of almost $96 billion. Since 2005, over $860 billion in market value has chosen to transfer to NASDAQ.


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