NASDAQ settled higher for Q1; Other stocks however ended lower

NASDAQ settled higher

Last Friday doesn’t just mark the end of the month, it is also the last day of the first quarter, and major stocks in the U.S. settled lower as global investors endured a heap of economic figures.

Three of the major indexes in the United States reported their quarterly gains not exceeding 4.6 percent. The Nasdaq composite posted its best quarterly performance since 2013 driven by its tech stocks rising more than 12 percent all throughout the period. The Dow Jones industrial average was down by 65 points, with Exxon Mobil and Goldman Sachs as its leading decliners. The S&P 500 was edged lower by 0.23 percent due to its stagnant financials.

Prospects that President Donald Trump’s regime will be able to push through deregulation, infrastructure spending policies and tax reform have drove the country’s stocks to rally over the first quarter, given that the policies are pro-growth. But, right after a confusing start, the administration will be compelled to dismiss some of its proposed policies. Trump took a hit after a bill that would have taken over Obamacare led by Republicans has failed.

The Q1 rally was sluggish this month, with the Dow Jones loosing 0.72 percent, Nasdaq rising 1.48 percent and the S&P 500 settling flat for March.

As of now, investors need to consider that high appraisal in stocks moving forward for short term sentiment can be very powerful, but over the long-term valuations makes a difference, according to chief market strategist at Russell Investments Stephen Wood.

Meanwhile in economic forecast, consumer spending advanced 0.1 percent below a predicted growth of 0.2 percent, while personal income was higher by 0.4 percent last February. An indicator for inflation PCE price index gained 2.1 percent and core PCE raised 1.8 percent form 2016.

In addition, the Chicago manufacturing PMI was up this month by 57.7 from last February’s 57.4. Consumer sentiment touches 96.9 lower than the predicted 97.6.


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