Investor’s Sentiments Hit Hard On FTSE 100, Halts Growth


On Friday, London’s blue-chip index witnessed a halt in up rally as the tech shares defeat in the USA majorly hit the trader’s sentiments, with FTSE 100 closing with a flat line at 07:04 GMT. The biggest disappointments were Royal Dutch Shell Private Limited Co. and British Petroleum stocks, with the finance sector paving the way.
The investment firm, Ashmore, reported a down line of 0.3% too as the company’s money manager reporting a fall in assets under management citing coronavirus sell-off.
London’s FTSE 250 mid-cap surged a little higher with 0.1% gain, with real estate, healthcare, and consumer goods leading the way.
Meanwhile, the English nation, Britain, reported a third straight economic growth month in July as the lockdown restrictions eased and restaurants, pubs, and other industries got back to work. However, fears of new lockdown in the UK are making investors real cautious


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