InvestLite Review 2022

investLite Review

Investlite has garnered itself a good name in CFD trading. The broker offers a large number of tradable assets. These are sourced from all conceivable asset classes. The company has been matching its confident tone with performance. This has let analysts rank it among top tier brokers worldwide. The parent company’s intellectual underpinnings have their provenance in Edinburgh, UK. the  IFSC Belize granted regulated status enables the broker to provide profitability avenues to traders novice and advanced. The broker invites you to trade with trust. This broker has your back!


Investlite is the trading name of Bayline Trading Company. IFSC or International Financial Services Commission has authorised Bayline Trading Company with license number 000188/91. The Belize based regulator thus regulates the broker. 

Payment services are provided to Bayline Trading Company by Bayline Global World Ltd, incorporated under British laws. The incorporated status can be evidenced by the company number assigned (SC517838). The registered address is 69 Brunswick Street, Edinburgh, UK. 

Is Investlite scam or legit?

Naturally, Investlite is fully legit. It is regualted and licensed by the IFSC (International Financial Services Commision). Furthermore, the payment services provider (Bayline Global World Ltd) is registered in the UK. 

  • Registration number in the UK: SC517838
  • License number: 000188/91
  • Registration number in Belize: 136374

What are the Account types with Investlite?

Investlite offers you three live account types. These are the Silver, Gold, and Platinum accounts. 

Silver account:

Minimum deposit US$ 250; no commissions; tradable assets – more than 350; minimum spread 0.07 pips. 

Gold account:

Minimum deposit US$ 250; no commissions; tradable assets in excess of 350; maximum leverage 1:400; minimum spread 0.05 pips. 

Platinum account:

Minimum deposit US$ 250; no commissions; tradable assets 350 plus; minimum spread 0.03 pips; maximum leverage 1:500. 

You have the option of asking for these live accounts to be converted into swap-free accounts. This effectively does away with interest rate charges. In other words, standard Islamic accounts are readily available as well. 

What is the Account Opening Process with Investlite?

The broker has a streamlined account opening process that makes for efficiency. You can start trading as soon as you have finished with the following steps towards registration – submission opf personal details; uploading of national ID/Passport, and bank statement/ utility bill for information verification; depositing funds into your newly created account. 

To open an account, users need simply go to the broker’s website and click on the Open Account tab. A registration form will open, asking first for name, phone, email, and password details. There follows a four-step process, and users must give address information, apart from a photo ID and residency document proof. 

What trading platform does Investlite use?

You can use Webtrader as well as the mobile app for your trading requirements. The Investlite Webtrader trading application is touted as a high performance, highly consistent trading engine that allows you to customise your trading panel, open/close trades in one click, use internal terminal support to help you even as you are trading, and keep a tab on your trading history. 

The brokers trading platform comes fully compatible with MT4 for Mac or PC. 

Web Trader

some salient features of the Webtrader are – entire trading history of all the trades; automatic stop loss/take profit functions; real-time balance level; multi-lingual support; inbuilt platform support; 1 click account switching; live support. 

We can add the application’s chief characteristics here – smooth execution – there are four execution modes to opt from instant execution; market execution; stop orders; pending; a trailing stop function; seamless operational functionality – being designed particularly for your web browser, Web Trader makes for fast and consistent performance.

Also, uninterrupted, seamless operational functionality is a key characteristic of the application, letting you gain your trading objectives in the shortest possible time; heavy-duty data protection – digital signature and data encryption guarantee the security of the data exchanged between the client terminal and the trading platform; comprehensive analytics – 24 graphic objects and 30 technical indicators are at your disposal to help you study the market and develop your trading strategies. 

Investlite mobile trading app 

The brokers mobile trading app is touted as the provider to quickest access trading. Just downloading the app permits you to trade on the go, placing your bids from any place, anytime. The trading game is yours for the taking, with the app’s customisable charts,  CFD trading on more than 350 assets, more than 60 analytical tools, besides a considerable educational hub. 

For previously experienced traders who might have gotten used to the MT4 trading app, the broker provides seamless compatibility. Whether trading with the in-house mobile trading app or the MT4 avatar – you have Investlite’s guidance to help you to profitability!

Some salient features of mobile trading with Investlite 

Customisable trading environment;  stop-loss/take-profit set up; real-time balance check option; more than 60 professional analytical tools; CFDs on tradable assets 350 plus strong; multilingual customer support.

We also add here the brokers mobile trading app’s chief characteristics – many timeframes – you, as the trader, can control your bids in 7 different time-frames. Regardless of if you need to focus on one minute or a month – the trading app lets you feel you are in control of your trading plan; one-tap operation trading – the trade can hit the ground running, having impacted the market with his on-tap operation trading; more than 60 analytical tools –  technical indicators help you choose and deploy the right trading strategies.

Making informed trading decisions is so much easier with the right understanding of technical indicators. If you have queries regarding Fibonacci retracement, Japanese candle-sticks, or any charts, feel free to get in touch with an expert through customer support! ; news updates – the trading app at this broker’s permits you the customisation of your very news preferences.

The broker does aim to keep you abreast of happenings around the market. So that you manage not only risk and money, but your time as well. Optimise your trading with Investlite!

What are the Tradable Assets with Investlite 

Investlite brings you sophisticated CFD trading, with more than 350 assets and products spread across 6 asset classes. Familiarly, these classes are cryptocurrencies, Forex, Stock, Indices, Metals and Commodities. 

We will go over how the broker brings the best of CFD trading to you –

 Crypto CFD Trading

 A range of choices – besides the CFDs on Bitcoin, the broker presents you with the opportunity to choose from a raft of 30 plus more crypto gems. You can find all the top trending virtual currencies right here for your CFD trading needs; high risk, high volatility, high profit – cryptocurrencies are the most volatile of all asset classes.

The broker and its trading platforms make sure you have the right guidance to enable a superlative trading experience. You will only enter trades that have the best likelihood of high profits. Thus, the broker permits you to engage volatility without serious harm coming to your all-important trading plan; virtual currencies gain currency and acceptance – acknowledging the ever-growing public support for cryptocurrencies, there are serious ongoing discussions regarding regulatory frameworks for virtual currencies.

This is the time to prospect for cryptocurrencies!; Hi-Tech – the trading platforms with the broker, ensure swift and successful trade execution; spread flexibility – flexible spreads greatly incentivise trade execution and overall strategy deployment; customer support – feel free to get in touch with the broker’s multilingual customer support staff for swift resolution of questions. The friendly staff is always ready to guide and help with expert advice. 

CFD Forex Trading

 There are more than 170 currency pairs to choose from if you wish to start CFD Forex trading with the broker. 

What is CFD?

CFD is a contract for difference, being a contract between an investor and a broker, usually in the short term. As the contract nears expiration, the parties exchange the difference between a particular financial instrument’s opening and closing prices. Trading CFDs denotes your either making a profit or loss, the direction the chosen assets moves in being pivotal. 

You gain multiples of the CFD units you bought or sold. For each point, the instrument price moves in your favour. You will end up with a loss for every point, the price moves against you. 

What is CFD trading?

CFD trading is financial derivative product permitting traders to engage in short term price movement speculation.  An Advantage of CFD trading includes being able to trade on margin. Another advantage is that You can go short if you think prices will plummet or go long if you think prices will shoot up. In some jurisdictions, CFD trading invites no stamp duty. 

Stock CFD Trading 

All the critical globally relevant equities may be CFD traded with Investlite. There are more than 350 assets up for trading. 

CFD trading hedges your physical portfolio

In case you have already invested a portfolio of shares and are concerned they may lose some of their value over the short term, you may use your CFDs to hedge your physical shares. When you short sell the same shares as CFDs, you may very well make a profit from the short term downtrend, thereby offsetting any loss from your existing portfolio. 

Trading CFDs denotes your ability to hedge physical share portfolios, a strategy dear to many investors. 

In the broker’s unusual event or its liquidity provider being unable to meet its financial obligations to the client, the latter may just be eligible for compensation as per the ICF or Investors Compensation Fund. 

What are Commissions and fees of Investlite?

Trading costs with the broker vary, contingent upon the account type opened and the market being traded. Notably, on all asset classes, trading is commission-free. Swaps and spreads are payable, again varying across account types. 

Overnight swap fees across various asset classes can be found from the trading platform. 

How to Connect with Investlite Customer support? 

The broker offers customer support, 4 am to 2 pm through five working days. this is done via web form, phone, Live Chat, and email. To connect to an agent, users may access the Live Chat form straight from the website. 

Does Investlite offer any Education Resource?

The broker offers a wide range of learning materials. Both beginners and advanced traders will find these resources helpful. Broker’s website can help users access a video in the VoD section. There are tutorials, Courses, and eBooks with instructive content on very many topics. Among these are trading strategies and MT4, just to mention a couple. 

Does Investlite have any Research Section?

The broker offers an Economic Calendar, as also a Report Season Calendar. Then there are daily news updates and trading signals.  

Trading signals or free Forex signals are generally brief messages that potentially guide you in making your trading decisions. They can be on the basis of fundamental/technical analysis. Forex news trading signals give signals on the basis of news events potentially impactful o the markets. Technical analysis based trading opportunities are identified with the help of signs courtesy Forex technical analysis signals. 

The best way to use free trading signals is by trying these out first on a demo account. This would prevent real capital from being exposed to risk (if the trading signals are not adequate). 

What are the Deposit & Withdrawal Methods?

The broker presents users with opportunities to deposit money and withdraw funds. this can be done by using credit/debit cards, bank wire transfer. Deposit and withdrawals may be made once the user is logged into the broker’s client portal area. 

The broker places at your disposal various payment methods, including – bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, etc. The most popular e-wallets globally are thus included. 

Withdrawals are to be submitted online. Users must give complete information at the time of request submission. Requests are expected to be processed within 7 business days. These may be made out in the name of the same account as the trading account. Credit card deposited funds may be withdrawn to the magnitude of the same amount. Only a bank wire transfer can be used to withdraw profits accrued. In a number of instances, there might be a Euros 50 withdrawal fee, in the event of minuscule account activity. 

What is the Maximum Leverage?

For retail clients, leverage is capped at 1:30. Professional clients may ask for leverage up to 1:400. 

Professional clients may ask for leverages from their respective accounts. For the silver account, the leverage can go up to 1:200; for the gold account, the leverage may go p to 1:400; while for the platinum account, the leverage can climb up to 1:500 for eligible professionals. 

Does Investlite charge commissions?

The fairest models : STP/ECN

The broker operates smaller account types through a Straight Through Processing model. It operates bigger accounts through an ECN model. What differentiates the two is whether or not the broker’s fees are part of the spread or distinct from it. In either case, the broker profits only the trading volumes garnered by clients. 


In the shortest span of time, Investlite has gained in credibility.  CFD trading on all manners of tradable assets is easily managed, plus you are afforded the best resources to enrich yourself as a trader. The leverages offered are generous and administered with finesse. The several internal omissions do not detract from the fact of this broker being wholly worth your time and money.


Is Investlite safe?

Investlite is more than safe. It is regulated by IFSC, and is answerable to relevant Belizean law . 

Does Inveslite charge commission?

Investlite charges neither commission nor hidden fees. 

How can I sign up with Investlite?

The customer support staff is accommodating and will have an account manager directly give you prompt guidance regarding setting up an account. 

What products can I trade with Investlite?

There are more than 350 tradable assets spread across six asset classes. These cover all the significant assets, so that CFD trading on trending cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, indices (and so forth) with Investlite makes success a foregone conclusion. 

How much do I need to start trading with Investlite?

$250 are sufficient to set you on the road to a superlative trading experience with Investlite. 


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