Inventories of copper rose again on the back of global demand concerns

Inventories of Copper

Copper inventories were boosted once again as it was tracked by the world’s leading metal based stock exchange. This had been igniting concerns on the demand for the metal which is frequently perceived by investors as the economy’s major driver.

The stockpiles of copper advanced more than 40 percent in just three days as monitored by the London Metal Exchange (LME) over concerns regarding the stagnant industrial activity of China. However the price of the metal traded close to its four-month low.

China being the world’s top copper consumer is under pressure of the rigid liquidity and emerging money-market rates that have dragged down the zinc an iron ore prices. As of now, investors are anticipating U.S. President Donald Trump pledge to strengthen stimulus spending, which supported the growth of copper prices since 2016. Oxford Economics Ltd.’s head of commodities research Dan Smith says that Trump’s positivity over China’s spending has been too much.

Last Friday, LME suggested that they are on the way for an immense decline this 2017, even if copper futures were marginally changed. LME warehouses that are held with copper advanced by 11 percent for its third day, this is considered their highest since October 2016.

Comex and Shanghai Futures Exchange, department that is responsible for metal trading, advanced more than 13 percent on the prior week. However, analysts still suggested that the inflows of LME could also be the effect of traders manipulating metal from China to other places. This is to gain profit from a price gap between Shanghai prices and LME.

Current history suggests that the futures metals of LME will have a strong demand. Copper is widely known as the metal with a Ph.D in economics.


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