Intuitive Surgical Reports Revenue, Profits For Q3

Intuitive Surgical reports revenue, profits for Q3

On Thursday, Intuitive Surgical, the US-based firm, posted the third-quarter profits and sales reports which positively broke the experts’ forecast. The venture reported earnings per share of $2.77 as compared to the analysts’ expectations of $2.02 and revenue of $1.08 billion in comparison with experts’ forecast of $967.56 million. 

Additionally, Intuitive Surgical Incorporation’s stock prices are already 25% high but are performing less than the US share index, NASDAQ 100, which is more than 36.25% up since the start of the year. The US-based robot manufacturing organisation’s shares are trading below 52 weeks high, at $716.13. 


Intuitive Surgical Incorporation follows the footprints of J&J, which, on Tuesday, posted revenue of $21.08 billion as compared to experts’ forecast of $20.15 B and earnings per share of $2.2. At the same time, the analysts predicted $1.96 for the same. 


Meanwhile, on September 16, Oak Street Health falls short of Q3 forecast, when the company reported an earnings per share of $-72.53 (predicted $-0.12) and revenue of $214.38 million (expected $214.32 M).


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