The global market is a complex place for investors. A number of events happen on a daily basis that can affect several prices thus affecting their investment portfolios.

But aside from various political and economic events sending major and minor changes in the market, there are also a list of people who are deemed very influential to the choices and decisions of investors.

There are of course more than a hundred of powerful people that can influence world trade but here are the top five people on the playbook.

Top 5 Influential People

5. Warren Buffet – Dubbed as the Oracle of Omaha, Buffet has been an inspiration to millions of investors. The 84-year old billionaire and his philosophy in value investing inherited from Benjamin Graham, has helped them as investments became more complicated. In this principle, Buffett believes that daily or the annual price fluctuations are not synchronized with the underlying fundamentals of the businesses these shares represent.

4. Larry Finck – The head of the world’s biggest asset management firm, BlackRock, Finck’s ideology about business shaped and transformed investors’ way of thinking towards their investment. His famous ‘short-term thinking’ scribbled to CEOs last April provided a blueprint on how companies listed under S&P 500 index could evolve.

3. Tim Cook – If there is one person behind the success of the tech-giant, Apple, it is the accidental CEO Tim Cook who persevered against a bunch of harsh criticism as he took over the position of the legend Steve Jobs. In his leadership, Apple stock price jumped from $54 to $126 and the company’s market cap came doubly soaring plus Apple’s influence to the market has been noticeable as Cook often gives stand about societal issues.

2. Xi Jinping - China’s President is known for his strong statements favoring the free trade, promotion of foreign investment and greater cooperation with Latin American countries. Xi, who is betting for an innovative development, is on a challenge to run the second largest economy in the world, which has been struggling in the past few months.

1. Janet Yellen - Yellen’s role on interest rates has erected her as the most powerful woman in the world. The Chair of the US’ Federal Reserve contributes great influence in the US economy and the global financial markets. Investors always await what Yellen has to say in a certain financial issue which can trigger trillions of dollars of losses or gains.