IBM Collaborates With Samsung For New Processing Chip

IBM Collaborates With Samsung for New Processing Chip (1)

Kicking in some excitement, IBM (International Business Machine) announced on Monday about its latest processing chip for data centres that eclipsed the workload of its predecessor by three times. 

IBM noted that Samsung Electronics would be manufacturing these data Power10 chips (designed by IBM). These would serve the purposes of businesses running inside data centers. 

Samsung will incorporate its 7-nanometer chip for manufacturing the processor. It is similar to what AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) uses in creating its chips through Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing. 

Interestingly, in an attempt to compete with the arch-rival Intel, the market leader in processing chips unit, both AMD and IBM outsource the technology. Notably, Intel manufactures and designs its chips on its own. 

Recently, Intel had announced that its next-gen technology would get delayed and that can help its competitors to make inroads during the phase.


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