IBM and Japanese Firms Partner in Quantum Computing

IBM and Japanese Firms Partner in Quantum Computing

On Thursday, US technology company IBM Corporation posted a partnership with Japanese companies and academic institutes to do research work together in advancing the quantum computing technology, thus, strengthening the relationship between the two nations in a sensitive and high potential area.

The new group of Japanese organizations, which includes Hitachi and Toshiba Corp., will have cloud access to the International Business Machine (IBM) Co.’s USA-based quantum computers, which includes IBM Q System One also. The US tech firm’s Q System One quantum computer is due to establish in Japan next year, before the first half.

The group, called “Quantum Innovation Initiative Consortium”, will be situated at the University of Tokyo and includes chemical manufacturers, financial institutions, and other firms like Toyota Motor Corp. The group, together with IBM, will seek to develop more uses of the technology and Japan’s quantum-based skill foundation.

Meanwhile, IBM is aiming to double its quantum technology power each year and has also partnered with some other nations, including Germany, where it will set up an applied research institute.


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