Huawei Banned From Role in UK’s 5G Network

Huawei Banned From Role in UK’s 5G Network

Huawei is not anymore a part of the UK’s 5G network development. On Tuesday, the British administration excluded the telecommunication company utterly. Earlier, the government offered the tech giant a limited role, but after the backlash and threats by the US, the UK government removed them.

Oliver Dowden, UK’s cultural secretary, has given the local telecom companies the time till 2027 to remove all Huawei equipment and not buy any further parts.

The UK has imposed the ban with the reason that Huawei, which has close and good ties with China, could use equipment to espionage the information or data from phones.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump announced that the US would treat Hong Kong as the same as China and not as a semi autonomous territory. It would also impose the same tariffs same as China.

Huawei spokesperson Ed Brewster, UK, regarded the announcement as disappointing and unfortunate for everyone with a phone in the UK.

In 2005, Britain was the first nation to help Huawei afoot in Europe. And the tech firm also financed many researches and charities in the UK. Recently, Huawei announced spending 1 Billion pounds on a new research centre in Cambridge.

For data, Huawei is currently the largest provider of masts, towers, and other major equipment required to build or start fifth-generation wireless technology, i.e. 5G Network.


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