HFTrading Review 2022

HFTrading Broker Review 2020

HFTrading has earned a special spot in the arena that no other broker can even think of taking away. The commissions, the spreads, absolute absence of terms like a hidden fee are some of the factors that makes the online broker stand out of the crowd. The customer support, the education section, regulation or be it any other section, HFTrading lives by the saying “respect has to be earned, not demanded”.  

The financial service provider offers trading via three different trading accounts and on more than 350 tradable assets. All of these assets are also tradable via CFDs. The broker has a niche for trading in forex. Apart from forex, the tradable asset catalogue is also garnished by cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, futures and a lot more. 

The broker provides its users with an option to trade from th MetaTrader 4, a globally recognised trading platform. For mobile, desktop and web. The education resource provided by the broke cover a vast variety of Articles, Ebooks and tutorials etc. The economic calendar is one of a kind, provided by the broker.

Is HFTrading Scam or safe:

The broker comes under the jurisdiction of the regulatory authorities of New Zealand and Australia. Apart from this the broker is regulated by the CySEC and has to make all the transactions under the given regulations.

The broker is also transparent enough to let the traders know what is going on in terms of their own personal belongings and accounts and also, the traded money. Legitimate brokers have distinct features that scam brokers fail to obtain. Keeping the brokers like HFTrading and Global tradeATF in the list of scam bookers would be the most wrong deed ever in terms of technicalities. These brokers have  proven time and again that they are the best and should not be challenged in any field.

The broker is operated by CTRL investments ltd. And the parent firm is regulated by ASIC and FMA.

What are the Account Types with HFTrading?

The broker provides three main trading accounts, Silver, Platinum and Gold. Any trader can opt-in for any of the given accounts to trade. Furthermore, the thought behind providing silver and a gold account is to create an ideal trading environment for the trader. Silver and gold account users can opt-in for maximum leverage of 1:400. The broker also keeps the leverage criteria different for each tradable asset. 

Let us read about each account in detail:

Silver account:

For a trader ready to launch his or her career, the silver account caters for each trading need that is required. The silver account can also be used as a swap account as well as an account for hedging purposes. The account is well equipped with strong customer support if there is ever a case where a trader is stuck with a trade. 

We enquired properly about the customer support by asking them about a trade that was not settled. The customer support was nice enough to treat us well and the issue was easily resolved. 

Gold Account:

A trader who has spent enough time in the market and wants to take his or her career to a different height, its gold account is ideal for them. The account comes in with a dedicated accounts manager and an out of the world educational webinars. Just like all the other accounts, the gold account also comes in with more than 300 assets. The broker provides an account manager in this account, which is absent for the silver account. 

The minimum spreads are constant for each account, beginning from 1.8 but the leverage varies. For the silver account, the minimum leverage is 1:200 while the maximum leverage is 1:500. 

Swap discount is also different where the silver account does not have any while the gold and platinum accounts have a swap discount of 25% and 50% respectively. 

Platinum Account:

 The account is most suited for people who have spent enough time in the market to be called professionals. The dedicated accounts manager and high leverage lets them make the best out of each and every trade that they make via the broker. 

The platinum account offers the years with a leverage of 1:500. This means that with one dollar, the trader can enter the market worth $500 and control those trades. Professional traders who have a decent attendance in the market trade majorly via leverage. The novice traders are not advised to use leverage in their initial days of trading but the professional traders mostly use this trading tool to maximise their opportunities.

 HFTrading Provides with Useful Materials

Which Trading Platform Does HFTrading Offers?

The broker provides the mighty MetaTrader 4 as a proprietary trading platform. Despite the fact that there are a million other forex trading platforms out there, the broker still sticks to be being simple and authentic. The MetaTrader 4 is one of the best forex trading platforms out there. 

There are platforms that the broker advertise and promote as the best forex trading platforms but the truth is, that they are indigenous trading platforms developed by the broker. 

None of the best forex brokers will ever use an indigenous platform because that jeopardizes the fund’s security from the trader’s end. HFTrading being the best forex broker without any second thought provides MT4 as a trading platform for the users. 

This is also because MT4 is known to cater for the financial needs of forex traders more than any other category of trading. 

When it comes to web trading and web trading platforms, the broker does not compromise and provides the MT4 trading platform for desktop and web-based trading. 

This kind of equilibrium kept almost everywhere, keeps the broker on its feet in an era of stiff competition. Way HFTrading has been keeping everything consistent in a lot of places like leverage, spreads and as seen here, the trading platform, it is a thing to praise and pay attention to. Consistency is the key to everything and the founding members of the brokerage firm understand this well. 

What are the Tradable Assets with HFTrading?

The broker has its business expanded over 300 tradable assets via CFDs. Each asset belongs to a different class and each class comprises over a billion money-making opportunities. The broker offers to trade in forex, the epitome of trading in terms of dollars traded each month. The forex market is responsible for more than six trillion USD traded each day. This amount is more than the whole economic worth of countries like India. That too, this sum is traded each day.  

Apart from forex, broker also deals in CFD-based cryptocurrency trading. The Crypto market is evolving at an unscented rate with Bitcoin seeing new highs each day. There are over 1500 cryptocurrencies a trader can trade on and the broker does not miss even in a single one. 

 CFDs, futures, leverage and a couple of more trading instruments are something everyone should pay attention to. When the brokers promote that they offer CFD based trading and miss out on important details, it should be a red flag.

Take Your Trading By Open Account

How to Open Accoun with HFTrading?

If people wish to open an account with the broker , all they have to do is log on to the official website of the broker and click on the open account button that shows there.

 After they are done with this, the potential traders have to answer a questionnaire that is designed to test the trading abilities of the trader.   

By keeping the account types clean and composed in three categories only, the broker again performs well in terms of complexity.

There are enough brokers out in the market who often have five, sometimes six different accounts for trading. Going that much complex just for the sake of simplicity is just not right and different forex brokers should heed to the fact that the real ones keep it simple. With the accounts, the broker also introduces swap discounts on all of them. This can be a confirmation for the traders looking for authenticity in a broker. 

The design of the website and the placing of functionalities are just right with HFTrading. No space on the screen looks like it has been shoved with things that the trader would feel trapped in. The user interface is designed with the upper extremities of professionalism the user experience is smooth, probably smoother than a one plus cell phone.  

What are Commissions and Fees of the HFTrading?

 The broker  has a strict no-no policy for commissioned based trades. This is to satisfy momentum and swing traders. In momentum trading, the traders tend to ride on a wave of price fluctuation and make profits off of it. The idea is to make a lot of trades each trading day, where the profit margin per single trade is kept at the bare minimum.  

When a  lot of trades line up for profit, the integrated profit is a lot more than expected. With a commission in the picture, the trader has to worry about a decreased profit margin, lower than what should ideally be possessed after each trade. Imagine making a thousand trades each day and then paying half a dollar as commission per trade. 

For scaling purposes, a trader makes ten dollars on a standard lot while trading in forex and a standard lot has a hundred thousand units of currency. With the commissions in picture, the future of profit is uncertain.

The broker understands this fact and offers commission excluded trading. There are no other hidden fees charged by the broker as well. However, the broker does charge some fees when holding a trade overnight as in the case of day trading.

What are the Deposit and Withdrawal Options with HFTrading?

The broker provides various options for the traders to either withdraw or deposit their money. With a minimum deposit of $250, the traders are entitled to make a withdrawal after making a withdrawal request on the client portal area. The broker asks for specific details like the trading account details personal details, and the method via which the customer prefers to pay. The traders have an option to pay via Neteller, Skrill and a lot more different options to pay from.

All the transactions occur in between three business days which is much faster than any other broker out there. 72 hours is the bare minimum when it comes to transaction time.

What is the Maximum Leverage with HFTrading?

The leverage offered by the broker is different for each account. For example. The maximum leverage offered in the silver account is 1:200 and the maximum leverage offered in the platinum account is 1:500.

Leverage is something that the traders should be happy as well as aware of. Leverage simply means that the trader can control the trades of money much more than his or capital would have allowed in the first place. Let us understand this with the platinum account example.

The maximum leverage offered on this account is 1:500 and that means the trader can operate a market of five hundred dollars with just one dollar. This is good and it is bad too. When such a trade goes wrong, the trader is liable to pay the amount that the trade covered as a whole, not the amount used to enter the trade.

Does HFTrading offers Education and research material?

The education and research material provided by the broker is top-notch and the whole section is full of the material that the trader can absorb to get an upper hand in trading. A lot of brokers do not offer trading material to the traders until they are converted into a confirmed lead. The broker is providing education material to all the users, while not classifying them as visitors or potential traders.

The education material also consists of things like on-demand videos, economic calendars and a lot of other things that the trader can use before they begin trading.

The demo account provided by the broker and the education material offered and an integration of these two can make any trader a trader of class and profit earning.

Bottom Line:

The broker is the correct broker for you and the broker is completely regulated. When there are so many scam brokers out there in the market, HFTrading provides a feeling of trust for the traders and provides them with the best trading environment. The traders also have to understand that trading is not a game of emotion but a game of mathematics. Pay less attention to the emotions and the right amount of attention to maths and you are good to go. 


Can I lose money while trading?

There should be no doubts while asking this question and the answer is yes, you will lose your money while trading. The money loss is important because it readies the trader for a lot of volatility that he or she is about to witness.

 Is HFTrading the right broker for me?

By the looks of it, yes. HFTrading is the right broker for you but still we suggest that you do enough research before you enter trading

Should I be Trading CFDs during my initial days of trading?

No, CFD trading is not at all advised for you when you are new at trading. These are complex trading instruments that are designed for experienced traders and not novices. A lot of traders are lured into CFD and leverage trading by scam brokers and as a result, they lose most of their money.

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