Goldman Sachs CEO gives Trump’s Muslim ban a thumbs down

Goldman Sachs CEO

People are turning down Trump security policy including a top official from America’s leading bank. The new US President Donald J Trump signed an executive order last week to put an end to the country’s refugee program and banning travelers from major Muslim countries to enter the US, much to the dismay of Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Officer, Lloyd Blankfein.

Gallant Stand

“This is not a policy we support.”

Those were the exact words of the firm’s top official indicated in his message sent to the company’s global staff, showing his opposition against the latest order from Trump, to which he believed would cause disruption to the Wall Street bank.

He pointed out that a potential disruption may stem from the recently-inked policy on security as this may affect some of their people and their families in the Middle East countries, such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Israel, where the firm has erected its offices.

He firmly addressed the principle of Goldman Sachs, the importance of diversity, which is necessary in motivating and retaining people who have different backgrounds and perspectives.

Earlier, top-iPhone producer, Apple, and number one social media site, Facebook, have condemned Trump’s order to halt the arrivals of people from Muslim-nations as it presented great challenge in achieving diversity and inclusion but other companies remained mum on the issue, with fears that speaking out may provoke recoil from the authority.

Shares of Goldman Sachs dipped on Monday and contributed huge loss to the Dow Jones industrial average benchmark, to register its 1.04% decline in four weeks.


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