Gold futures jump as Trump draws another shocker

Gold futures

The yellow commodity is regaining its pulse. Thanks to the stern conviction of President Donald J. Trump, gold futures showed increasing vital signs as it scored another win on Wednesday session, the day after the rough-talking real estate tycoon fired the country’s acting attorney after it refused to enforce the controversial travel ban.

Back to Life

The precious metal was in fourth straight slide since Monday but the recent stance from the harsh-talking Trump provided some heartbeats to the commodity as gold futures for April delivery tiptoed 1.3% to finish at $1 211.40 an ounce, its highest settlement since the Brexit vote last June, and cracking up a 5.2% surge in January.

Sally Yates, a career prosecutor and a Democratic appointee, was kicked out of his position as the US acting attorney after she showed took jab against the recent executive order, reiterating that this travel ban for 90 days presents a building discord to the countries involved.

A fuming Trump sent a written statement containing the removal of Yates from the post, which also gave warning signals to officials under his administration that he is willing to put an end to their tenure should they refuse to carry out orders.

In the early hours, the yellow commodity flirted with slight losses after the government reported its manufacturing activities rose to 56 in January from 54.5 last December, a reading that is negative to gold.

But Trump’s remarks has never failed to send uncertainties to the market, which drove the dollar lower and prompting investors to turn to safe-have assets like the gold.


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