German Election Could Be the Salvation Europe Has Been Hoping For

German election

Political events have brought drastic changes in Europe. Brexit, for instance, is a huge player in the recent status quo in the entire continent, vastly changing the landscape politically and economically.

Fortunately, not all political events are a kryptonite for vast majority of Europe. The French elections can attest to that, with the victory of now-France President Emmanuel Macron proving to be a vital cog in the bid of the continent to rejuvenate Europe’s slowly deteriorating economy.

Luckily, the German can provide another sparkplug for the European economy as the national elections in the country set to unfold this fall.

The Silver Lining

The German election is one of the four key political events set this year, which is believed to propel the European economy. But compare to France, Italy, and the Netherlands, Germany seem to be a more important piece of the puzzle.

Current Chancellor Angela Merkel is on the bid to seal its fourth term as the main facilitator of the continent’s biggest economy. Another win for the chancellor would mean that Germany will stay on the hands of a competitive and systematic government.

Germany is the fastest growing economy in the Eurozone. On top of that, the country has surpassed China in terms of total trade surplus, an amount which can be used in stimulating underperforming European countries.

Being the best performing country in Eurozone, Germany can make the continental bloc more genuine and more competitive through financial integration and productivity improvements.

Meanwhile, if the universe sets a victorious fate for federalist nominee Schultz, Germany can still hjelp Southern Europe to recover and build effective policies through a more federalist and more integrated model, a concept that would be beneficial for the stock and bond market for the continent.

We may be months away from the significant German elections. But no matter how it turns out, the sun will shine in Europe.


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