On-going geopolitical tension weighed down U.S. markets with Dow losing more than 36 points

US indexes

The tension between U.S. and North Korea has been continuously rising and it badly affected markets in the stateside on Wednesday’s closing bell. Disney shaved off more than 30 points in Dow.

The hermit state is still delivering multiple threats in the United States subsequently when President Donald Trump said on the previous day that North Korea would be “met with fire and fury” if it continues to threat his country. As a response, the estranged nation said it was “carefully examining” his plans to strike the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam.

FBN Securities’ chief market strategist Jeremy Klein said the strikes from military forces in North Korea would unambiguously establish a form of war versus United States. Klein also said that he was sure the Kim Jong-un will not take a drastic step.

The NASDAQ composite fell more than 0.28 percent to finish at 6,352.33. The S&P 500 almost settled the day flat at 2,474.02, with its utilities as the worst performers. Meanwhile the Dow Jones industrial average lost as much as 36.64 points to end at 22,048.70. On the previous session, Dow notched nine streaks of record closes.

Wall Street is currently keeping an eye on Disney’s corporate earnings as its shares declined more than 4 percent and shredded off about 30 points from the 30-stock index. The mass media company may have released an unexpectedly higher quarterly earnings report but its sales were lower than expected.

Looking on markets outside the stateside; the CAC 40 in France edged down by 1.4 percent and the German Dax slipped about 1.1 percent.


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