Investing in Index: an FTSE Definition

FTSE 100 - UK Index

If you are planning to invest into the financial market it is important to understand how these stock indexes work because it greatly affects the market. To be more precise, if you are interested in investing in companies that are centered in the United Kingdom. Then it is important for you to know the FTSE definition.

To give you an overview and Index is a statistical measure of the changes in a group of stocks that represent a portion of the overall market. It was created in order to track securities in a certain country more closely, which could help in determining a country’s economic state by taking a small sample of the market.

FTSE an Overview

In simple terms, FTSE definition is a company that is focused in index calculation, but is not a part of any stock exchange. FTSE has many names in the financial market; among its many titles are FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 although it has the same FTSE definition.

FTSE Definition or more informally known as Footsie, can be argued as the most popular and widely used stock market index in the financial market all over the world. This index represents almost 80% of the market capitalization as a whole.

The FTSE 100 is often observed as an indicator of a good economic signal among qualifying United Kingdom companies and the economy in general, because it has eyes over the progress of 80% of the stocks in the whole of the country.

Companies that will make up the FTSE 100 are determined on a quarterly basis. Any Changes that will be made in the index will be based on values that are taken from companies.


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