Meeting the Winners and Losers among the FTSE 250 Constituents

FTSE 250 Constituents

For every group, there is always one person or two who stands out among the rest. For every class, there is always one student who will emerge as the cream of the crop. Likewise for every benchmark in a stock exchange, there are companies that emerge as top performers. Among the FTSE 250 constituents, which companies created a loud noise last year?

As Strong as Steel

London’s secondary benchmark may be composed of different sectors ranging from banking and finance, electric and oil and energy to food and beverages, retail, restaurant and sports but among the more than 200 members of the index, the diggers came in as the biggest winners in the year of the stunning Brexit referendum.

The FTSE 250 constituents may have not equaled the performance of its big brother, FTSE 100, but a surprise factor was the as strong as steel showing of the mineral extractors in the index, gaining the top five spots as the winners last year.

The iron ore pellet producer Ferrexpo surged by a skyrocketing 582%, a gain that any companies from the FTSE 100 could not match, with its share price doubling from $41 in the first half to $80.27 in late December.

Latin American precious metal producer Hochschild Mining had a strong hold of the second best performer, up 298% while Kaz Minerals settled at third with its stocks tacking on 260% on the year.

Steel provider Evraz plc rose 198% to gain the fifth spot while multi-commodity play Vedanta Resources advanced by a staggering 217%, enough to earn the fourth spot.

Among the losers in the list of FTSE 250 constituents are the fallen giants Restaurant Group and Sports Direct International, down 52% and 50% respectively.


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